Different Types of Star Lacrosse Players: Roles Defined

Star lacrosse players

For my loyal readers fear no longer, I have heard you. The angry twitter DM’s and pitch fork mobs all asking the same questions. “Where’s the different skill sets of “The Guys” article you teased in your first piece?” They have worked. I understand that not all star lacrosse players are built the same. In […]

Best Moments from the 2022 PLL All-Star Game

2022 PLL All-Star Game

So, maybe Trevor Baptiste is more than a FOGO? Baptiste’s 2022 PLL All-Star Game squad dismantled Connor Farrell and his crew 33-13. A mere 20 goals. The game was a run away from the start. Team Baptiste led 19-5 at halftime, leading Honorary Team Farrell Coach John Grant Jr. to think (probably). Here are a […]

Myles Jones Player Profile

Myles Jones

In the sport of lacrosse, there are few players who have a presence as captivating as Myles Jones. In 2013, Myles stepped onto the college lacrosse scene as a staggering 6’5, 200+ pound freshman at Duke University. From that point he took the world by storm and has not slowed down since. Since 2013, Myles has captured […]

Building the Ultimate Midfielder

Ultimate lacrosse midfielder

You’ve seen some version of this done in every sport, where people take the best qualities of the best players to create the ultimate competitor. Last week, I came up with the players whose skills would make up the ultimate lacrosse attackman. Today, I’ve completed this exercise to build my ultimate lacrosse midfielder. The only […]

Jules Heningburg Keeps Adding Goals: In-Depth PLL Stats

Jules Heninburg PLL stats

We’ve got another PLL stats analysis update, this time with deeper details, especially for goals added. And Jules Heningburg can’t stop adding goals. These statistics are meant to serve as a guide to better understand what’s happening on PLL fields, not a steadfast rule for how good a player is or isn’t. Everything is fluid, […]

Will Manny Is a Goal Machine: Four In-Depth PLL Stats

Will Manny PLL stats 2021

I dissected four PLL stats that tell the truth two weeks ago. Now through four weeks of games, I’ve updated those four key stats that reveal a deeper truth about what is happening on the field in the 2021 PLL. Here’s a hint: Will Manny is a goal machine. Will Manny Adds Goals: PLL Stats […]

Four PLL Stats That Tell The Truth

PLL Stats

The stat gurus are back again with an update on some telling PLL stats through week two. Is your favorite player doing as well as you thought? These stats tell the truth. PLL Stats: By The Numbers Goals Added A shooting analytic that uses the average percentage of possession retainment for off cage shots and […]

Ranking the Men’s Pro Field Lacrosse No. 1 Picks Since 2009

Lacrosse No. 1 picks

In honor of the PLL College Draft coming up on April 26, I decided to have a little fun and look back at past drafts. Specifically, with the debates raging between Michael Sowers, Jared Bernhardt, and Jeff Teat for this year’s PLL No. 1 overall pick, I was curious to see how previous pro field […]

Myles Jones Signs With New York Riptide To Protected Practice Player Contract

Myles Jones Duke NCAA Div 1 Lacrosse Championship play college lacrosse mainstream

The New York Riptide announced the signing of Myles Jones to a protected practice player contract for the NLL team on Monday. The deal is pending league approval. Here’s an excerpt from the statement from the Riptide: The New York Riptide announced today that Myles Jones has been signed to a protected practice player contract. […]

Myles Jones: Improving Weaknesses, Developing Leadership, and Training Routines

Myles Jones Smiles

Today on the show we have Myles Jones. Myles is a graduate of Duke University. At Duke, he was a second-team all-American his sophomore year, and a first-team all-American his Junior and Senior year. He also won the Donald MacLaughlin Jr. Award for the Nations top Midfielder as a Junior and Senior. He also won […]


Myles Jones - Flavor Two

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myles jones flavor one

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