Best and Worst of the 2022 NAIA Lacrosse Season

naia lacrosse

The 2022 season was another great year for NAIA lacrosse. Let’s take a look back at some of the best moments, not so great moments, and ways we can improve the league moving forward. Best Moments The best thing about this season had to be the overall parity in play this year. We had three different […]

NAIA Men’s Lacrosse National Championship Recap

NAIA Lacrosse National Championship

Another year and another NAIA Lacrosse National Championship is in the books. This year originally appeared to be different that others due to the level of competitiveness coming out of the AAC and the KCAC. St. Ambrose was on a tear all year, Reinhardt lost a rare early season matchup, and Indiana Tech was having […]

NAIA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament Preview

The best time of year is finally upon us, the NAIA Men’s Lacrosse Tournament. If you’ve been following along all year, you’re probably more than aware of just how exciting the regular season has been. From the top to the bottom, we have seen some of the best parity the NAIA has ever seen. The […]

NAIA Lacrosse Recap and Weekend Preview


We’ve had a few weeks of NAIA lacrosse already, however most of it has been scrimmages and games that didn’t feel all that close. This past week made it feel like the real start of the season, and for some teams, it was their first action of the year. This weekend was filled with so […]

NAIA Versus MCLA: NAIA Weekend Recap


The 2022 NAIA season is finally getting itself into full swing and this past weekend gave us a little taste of what’s to come this upcoming season. Many teams are rounding into form by playing teams from both the MCLA and NCAA Division 3.  This past weekend featured the best of the NAIA squaring off […]

2022 NAIA Men’s Lacrosse Preseason Preview & Offseason Updates

2022 NAIA men's lacrosse

It’s late December, and that means the NAIA lacrosse season isn’t too far away. It’s time to start looking ahead to the upcoming 2022 campaign. First, we should catch you up on all that you may have missed this offseason. NAIA men’s lacrosse experienced a wild coaching carousel that saw several powerhouse programs get new […]

NAIA Lacrosse Offseason News Update

NAIA lacrosse news

We’re deep in the depths of the NAIA lacrosse offseason with several months still standing between us and the first faceoff of the coming campaign, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t news to share. Here’s a roundup of the offseason news from across NAIA lacrosse so far this summer: NAIA Lacrosse Offseason News Update The […]

Postseason NAIA Men’s Awards

Postseason NAIA men's awards

To add a little bit of fun to the end of the year, we have decided to recognize this year’s exceptional players with some postseason NAIA men’s awards. Lax All Stars Postseason NAIA Men’s Awards NAIA All-Americans To see the list of All-Americans that were voted by NAIA coaches, click here. Position Players of The […]

NAIA Conference Championship Recaps

The men's NAIA conference championships completed last weekend, with Reinhardt, Columbia, and Indiana Tech winning their respective leagues.

The NAIA Conference Championships were this past weekend, and I must say, our No. 1 seeds came ready to play. All three of the top seeds cruised to victories over their respective fields. NAIA CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP RECAPS AAC Championship The AAC Championship saw a very familiar championship matchup in No. 1 Reinhardt versus No. 2 […]

WHAC, AAC & KCAC Playoff Scenarios – NAIA Men’s Conference Tournaments

The WHAC, AAC, and KCAC Tournaments in NAIA men's lacrosse are on the horizon, which means it's time to look at the possible scenarios.

Through all of the turmoil over the past year and a half, we have finally made it to playoff lacrosse for the WHAC, AAC, and KCAC. There are many scenarios that could play out during the coming weeks as playoff season tends to elevate teams to another level. While there are clear favorites in each […]

NAIA Conference Tournaments Primer – The Postseason Takes Shape

It's mid-April, and that means it's time for NAIA lacrosse conference tournaments. Here's what to expect from the AAC, WHAC, and KCAC.

We are now entering mid-April and that can only mean one thing: NAIA conference tournament time! NAIA Conference Tournaments TAKE SHAPE AAC The AAC is the most straightforward at this time because it is 100% wrapped up. Seeding for the conference tournament is as follows: 1. Reinhardt 2. Cumberlands 3. Tennessee-Wesleyan 4. St. Andrews 5. […]