The Ultimate Lacrosse Arm Protection Buyers Guide 2021-22

lacrosse arm protection

Have you ever had trouble deciding on what arm protection to purchase? Or maybe just confused about all the different names and options? No worries, I have you covered with all the hottest lacrosse arm protection, including arm guards, arm pads, and elbow caps for those who like minimal protection and optimal movement. First things […]

The Ultimate Lacrosse Shafts Buyers Guide 2021-22

the ultimate lacrosse shafts buyers guide 2021-22

Are you looking to get a new lacrosse shaft for your gamer or maybe just looking to add to the collection? Are there too many good choices to choose from on the market today? No matter your situation, I have you covered with more information on many of the latest handle releases. Because of how […]

The Ultimate Lacrosse Shoulder Pads Buyers Guide 2021-22

the ultiimate lacrosse shoulder pads buyers guide 2021-22

While this may not be the longest or most product-packed buyers guide, shoulder pads are the most important piece of gear for your safety this upcoming lacrosse season. Under the new shoulder pad ruling, players across levels (including college lacrosse) will be required to wear shoulder pads with the new NOCSAE ND200 approval in order […]

The Ultimate Lacrosse Heads Buyers Guide 2021-22

lacrosse heads buyers guide 2021-22

Lacrosse gear is constantly changing. However, the one piece of gear that seems to change and develop the fastest is heads, with their newest releases and versions dropping yearly if not more often. This can be hard to keep up with or stay in tune with what head will be best for your game. Lucky […]

Explaining the Top 25 Lacrosse Heads

top 25 lacrosse heads

It’s not easy, but I’ve embarked on explaining my top-25 lacrosse heads of all time. How many years have you played lacrosse?  How many different heads have you used?  How many have you loved, and how many have you hated?  Over the years of playing, I have compiled my personal list of the top-25 lacrosse […]

Net Wraps & Nike Gloves Are Always in My Gear Bag

Latrell Harris reveals the gear he swears by and his preferences, including his love for his personalized net wraps from MSNLazer.

I’ve never been one to stress over my lacrosse gear. When I was a kid, I used whatever was given to me. That hasn’t changed much as I’ve gotten older, though my access to nicer equipment has obviously improved. Of course, like everyone else, I still have preferences. If given the choice, I’m almost always […]

Alpha Huarache 7 Cleats by Nike

nike alpha huarache 7 cleats

Earlier this year, Nike sent over a brand new pair of their Alpha Huarache 7 Pro lacrosse cleats, and seeing as the Swoosh has long crafted top notch footwear, I was obviously excited. My current cleats are a more basic pair of Nike lows, and while I really like them, I’m always excited to see […]

NXT Enters Multi-Year Partnership With Nike

nxt lacrosse nike lacrosse

NXT has entered a five-year partnership with global sports leader Nike under which they will support NXT’s elite Showcase events and the NXT Lacrosse Club. Under the terms of the Partnership, Nike Sports Marketing will fully script the look for athletes participating in NXT Showcase events and for the athletes in the lacrosse club. The partnership […]

Nike Lacrosse – 2018 Gear Reviews

nike lacrosse 2018 gear review

Nike Lacrosse makes big changes to their top of the line glove, and they make some smaller changes to the Lakota head. It’s risky to try new things, but now when new things works. And these new things work.

String League Season 3 Is HERE!!!!

string league season 3

Welcome to String League Season 3! SL is a contest where the best lacrosse stringers come together for a challenging series of contests to find a champion.

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