Lacrosse Patents: Offset Heads & Waxed Mesh


Connor Wilson is bringing up the age old Lacrosse Patents topic because two different patentable products are about to change, and the impact on the game could be pretty notable… In fact, we’re already seeing some pretty big changes!

Epoch Releases Their New Hawk Head

Epoch lacrosse hawk head

Epoch Lacrosse has released five generations of lacrosse shafts and today they release their first ever lacrosse head in The Hawk. Epoch developed this head in conjunction with Flip Naumburg of Vail, CSU, Rock-it-Pocket, and offset head technology fame. The head is something truly different, and I have been fortunate enough to play with a couple of recent prototypes.

Hot Pot Of Lax: Is Lacrosse Gear Holding Our Sport Back?

kentucky youth lacrosse players

This week’s Hot Pot is getting deep into the subject of youth and beginner lacrosse equipment. Could a couple of changes really help Grow The Game in a new way? Plus news links and two pretty amazing videos! Teach me how to LAX!