Photo of the Week: Tommies’ Matte and Purple

St. Thomas

When you’re a powerhouse team, you have the luxury of wearing whatever gear you want because you have the talent to back it up. Fortunately, the two-time defending MCLA Division II champs, the St. Thomas Tommies, decided to have stylish helmets for the 2013-2014 school year.

Photo of the Week: Old Faithful

Old Faithful

We have another photo from Mark Donahue’s Yellowstone adventure! Two weeks ago we saw the Yellowstone Bear String It Forward, and today Old Faithful is in the spotlight.

Photo of the Week: Turner Turning

Kip Turner

If Chesapeake wants a shot at the title, Kip Turner will have to be on point his weekend, even when shots go wide. WARNING: There be GIFs ahead!

Photo of the Week: Team TLN at The Orange Balloon

Knute Kraus, The Lacrosse Network

Here’s a great shot captured by TLN’s Contest Colin. The player pictured is Southland Laxer Knute Kraus (Salisbury ’15), and not only is he rocking a jammy pack pre-game, but the Orange Balloon is prominently featured in the background.

Photo of the Week: LAX WALL

Lacrosse Wall

A custom spray-painted lacrosse wall in your garage? That could certainly help improve your game. Check it out in this week’s Photo of the Week!

Photo of the Week: Powell Hour

Mike Powell

Powell Hour took over Saratoga Springs this past weekend as Casey, Ryan, and Mike put on a show for the crowd in this week’s Photos of the Week.