2022 NAIA Men’s Lacrosse Preseason Preview & Offseason Updates

2022 NAIA men's lacrosse

It’s late December, and that means the NAIA lacrosse season isn’t too far away. It’s time to start looking ahead to the upcoming 2022 campaign. First, we should catch you up on all that you may have missed this offseason. NAIA men’s lacrosse experienced a wild coaching carousel that saw several powerhouse programs get new […]

Chaos Lacrosse Club Wins 2021 PLL Championship

Chaos Lacrosse Club win 2021 PLL championship

What a weekend it was! After what felt like a very long summer, we have our 2021 PLL champions: Chaos Lacrosse Club. Take a listen as Ryan and I analyze the game, discuss the upcoming NLL season, and even get to chat with Chaos midfielder and Buffalo Bandit Dhane Smith about how everything came together. […]

Chaos, Whipsnakes Pull Upsets to Set PLL Championship Rematch

Chaos Whipsnakes PLL Semifinals

The stage is set for the 2021 PLL Championship between Chaos and Whipsnakes, but in order to get here, some serious heavyweights had to go down in the semifinals. Rarely do I go 100% on my picks, but this past weekend was the right time to do so. I trusted my gut that the Chaos […]

MCLA to Allow Membership for NCAA Varsity Schools

MCLA to allow NCAA varsity schools

A surprisingly eventful week in lacrosse lead to some very interesting conversations about the MCLA allowing NCAA schools with varsity lacrosse programs to join, not to mention Hartford and … Ferris State football??? MCLA to Allow Membership for NCAA Varsity Schools MCLA Widens Potential The MCLA, the leading club lacrosse league nationally, has announced that […]

What’s the Most Likely PLL First Round Upset?

Who's the most likely PLL first round upset candidate? going offsides

To kick off the weekend, we took a look at some monumental things happening in the world of lacrosse, from Denison lacrosse’s historic hire, Jack Kaley, the most likely PLL first round upset, and more. Denison Lacrosse Makes Historic Hire The Denison lacrosse made a splash with their hiring of Maiah Bartlett as one of […]

Utah Lacrosse, Brian Holman Part Ways: Who’s in at Utah?

Utah lacrosse Brian Holman Going Offsides

On Aug. 4, Utah announced that men’s lacrosse head coach Brian Holman was stepping down. This announcement came as a shock to many in the lacrosse world given the progress made at Utah and the timing of the decision. The Going Offsides team discussed in great detail many of the likely options, along with some […]

Nick Marrocco Provides a Look Inside the Cannons

Nick Marrocco Going Offsides

Cannons LC goalie and all-around good guy Nick Marrocco joined the podcast this week and gave some great insight into the new-look Cannons. NICK MARROCCO PROVIDES A LOOK INSIDE THE CANNONS Coming off of the bye week, we felt the need to selfishly fill the PLL void in our lives early and chat with goaltender […]

Christina Esposito Joins Going Offsides

Professional lacrosse player, coach and brand ambassador Christina Esposito joined the Going Offsides podcast this week to talk lax and more.

Christina Esposito is determined to leave the game of lacrosse better than she found it. There are so many different ways to improve the game: better educating our coaches, opening up our athletes to positive mental health practices, improving the youth game, and growing the women’s game through exposure. Christina Esposito is trying to do […]

JD Harkey Takes Us Inside an MCLA Program

JD Harkey

JD Harkey is the head coach of the MCLA’s University of South Carolina squad. This week, we had a chance to speak with him about the MCLA, playing at UMBC, and much more. JD Harkey is (kind of) fresh off a national championship season with the Gamecocks. Earning supremacy in 2019 means they are still […]

Pete Campbell – College Round up and NAIA

Pete Campbell joins the podcast to talk about the return of college lacrosse. The beginning of the show focuses on NAIA lacrosse before transitioning to some popular current events. Lastly, Nick, Ryan, and Pete make their picks for games across NCAA and NAIA divisions. Coach Campbell is a mainstay in the NAIA and has built […]

Greg Gurenlian – Training for Lacrosse

This week, we welcomed faceoff guru, fitness beast, and all around good guy Greg Gurenlian. Every single time we ask one of these current or former PLL guys to be on the show, they immediately say yes, and not only do they say yes, they come ready to talk. Some of the topics you can […]

Anish Shroff – A Driving Voice

This week, the Going Offsides podcast welcomes Anish Shroff on as its guest to discuss his life in lacrosse and his story in the sport.

This week we have an absolute treat for you. His voice is immediately recognizable to anyone who has watched championship weekend over the past decade or so, but that’s not what defines him. Anish Shroff is much more than a broadcaster: he’s a father, a friend, a husband, and a proud Syracuse grad. Based on […]