Stick Trick Saturday: The Deliberation

This week for Stick Trick Saturday, Patrick Chapla and myself had some fun making kids think we just hit their ball really far away. But we didn’t…

Stick Trick Saturday: POWLAX Pitch

Round2 of partner tricks is here. Grab your buddy and try out the POWLAX Pitch for yourself. You might need a helmet for this one towards the end.

Mesh Buyer’s Guide 2013

Mesh Buyers Guide 2013

One of our gifts to you this holiday season is a Buyer’s Guide for some of the hottest high performance, wax, dyed, and/or rubberized lacrosse mesh available. Every single piece of mesh on the market may not be included in the guide, but it covers the vast majority of the major players. At the same time, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other quality mesh pieces being put out by other companies out there too!

Stick Trick Saturday: The POWLAX Production

Stick Trick Saturday - The Powlax Production

LAS Nation, You may notice something different about my stick this week. I am using a piece of POWLAX mesh, customized for the University of Idaho. The guys over at POWLAX sent me this customized piece of mesh after I saw their stuff on Instagram. They make some unreal dye patterns on wax mesh, which […]