Yoga & Reflection to Close

Yoga lacrosse in the sunset

A follow up post to the previous Zen. Lax. Lacrosse. post on doing yoga to open practice. Focusing on letting go can be as important on focusing on achievement.

How Do You Open Practice Every Day?

Yoga lacrosse in the sunset

The opening of any activity sets the tone for participants. To open practice every single day, my high school lacrosse team is practicing yoga; it’s not a long sequences of poses, nor is it particularly “difficult” in that players are huffing and puffing, but what it does is zero the focus in around our body and what is going on with it in this moment.

Hot Pot: Five Lacrosse Practice Rules

a great coach john raba wesleyan

With almost every college in the country now “in season”, and many high schools starting up soon, it’s time to talk about that all important first practice. Here are some guidelines I use to make sure my team always has a great first practice of the Spring.

Defensive Lacrosse Drill: Takeaway Teacher

Connor Wilson shares a valuable lacrosse drill to help defensive players learn to throw great checks. This drill teaches timing, takeaways, precision and power. Plus, it can be done alone or during practice!

Summer Is THE Time To Get Better At Lacrosse!

It’s Summer. Also known as Lacrosse Time. What are you doing to get better? A little bit? Nothing?!?!?! No way! You can do it. We just have to be creative sometimes to get our lax time in!

Real Talk: Practice Like You Play

Jeff Brunelle discusses the importance of team leadership at lacrosse practice. Hard work on the practice field pays off in games, and hard work on the practice field comes from good leadership.