Puerto Rico Lacrosse On The Rise

Puerto Rico Lacrosse On The Rise | Video of the Day

This week US Lacrosse released a new video featuring the recent rise of Puerto Rico lacrosse. Round of applause for US Lacrosse helping Puerto Rico through tough times after Hurricane Maria. This an incredible story and will send you into the weekend wanting to lend a helping hand. Puerto Rico Lacrosse Stick Story Following the […]

Top Photos From the 2018 World Lacrosse Championships: Bronze Group

bermuda taiwan 2018 fil mens world lacrosse championships top photos bronze group

The 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships was monumental in many ways, and our coverage, including top photos, gave you a dynamic window to the action. It was the first time the games had been hosted in a non-English speaking country. Ever. It was also the best participation at a world games with 46 countries participating. […]

Six MUST SEE Matchups – 2018 World Championships Preview

Canada vs United States 2014 World Championship Gold Medal Game 2018 Japan Lacrosse Roster

In fewer than 60 days, the biggest international lacrosse event in history will begin with 48 countries from six continents fighting for global lacrosse supremacy in Israel. Here’s the early World Championships matchups to watch out for!

Puerto Rico Lax 2018 Roster Announcement

Puerto Rico Lacrosse Team Frank Bonner

We have info on Puerto Rico’s first ever national team for an FIL event! This is really impressive stuff considering the program was only accepted into the FIL 14 months ago, and this team reflects all the hard work that so many people have put in to the Puerto Rico Lacrosse program.

LAS Vacation Video: Puerto Rico

The waves crashing in multiple locations is pretty epic, and the bird eating a fish out of guy’s hand on the beach mid-flight is pretty darn cool. Pumped I got that on video! I even brought two mini-sticks with me to PR, which I had picked up from Throne of String a couple of days before. Always getting a little wall ball in. No excuses!