Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage #31, Plus Win Man-Bro Sunglasses!

What’s better than a special Wednesday podcast from Radio Zarape? A Wednesday podcast with a CONTEST! That’s right, listen to Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage and you could win a free pair of Man-Bro shades. Come for the shades but stay for music from White Mystery, The Digits, and the U-Men.

Music Monday: Quiet Time with Quasimodo #22

Do your ears have an open mind? Direct from Radio Zarape we have a chill-out podcast filled with Fleet Foxes, Jim Morrison, and a great David Bowie cover. Turn down the lights and get ready to spend an hour with international man of mystery, Quasimodo.

Music Monday: Kondrat’s S.A.F.T.P.S.F.Y

Kondrat is back with another themed show on this week’s featured Radio Zarape podcast, powered by Lax All Stars. Inspired by Daft Punk, he explores songs that are “Harder”, “Better”, “Faster”, and “Stronger. Expand your earlobes.

Music Monday: Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage

Radio Zarape, powered by Lax All Stars, is back with another podcast to groove through Music Monday. This week’s show kicks off with a 5 song set from The Stooges and has a mysterious guest host. Get some.

Music Monday: Quiet Time With Quasimodo

This week’s featured show from Radio Zarape has been billed as the best chill-out show on the planet. Come on in, meet Quasimodo, and listen to music from the likes of Beck, Ratatat, and more.

Music Monday: Keith’s Radio Show

What the Folk? That’s right. We have another spectacular podcast coming your way especially if you’re a plain old Country Boy. Bluegrass, twang. and folk tunes from Son Volt, The New Pornographers, Tennessee Ernie Ford, and more to get Monday started off right.

Introducing Radio Zarape

Exciting news! LaxAllStars has teamed up with an elite band of musical geniuses, collectively known as Radio Zarape, to bring you a full length podcast every Monday. In our first featured episode you’re invited to jam in Sir Coyler’s Sonic Garage.