Most “Lax Bro” Player Names in the PLL


There is an unwritten understanding in the lacrosse community on what it means to be a “lax bro” but the definition greatly changes depending on who you ask. Instead of sitting here and trying to describe what exactly being a “lax bro” entails, I’m going to assume that most everyone in the lacrosse world has […]

Building An Elite PLL Offense: Roles Defined

pll offense

Lacrosse fans know with only eight teams in the PLL the talent pool is ridiculous. Every team is stacked with big names. We have seen throughout the brief history of the PLL a relatively even playing field, any given day any team can win. With so much talent, how do you differentiate a good offense […]

Building the Ultimate Attackman

ultimate lacrosse attackman

You’ve seen some version of this done in every sport, where people take the best qualities of the best players to create the ultimate competitor. Today, I’ve completed this exercise to build my ultimate lacrosse attackmen. The only rules I played by are that the players had to be current professionals, otherwise I would’ve been […]

Four PLL Stats That Tell The Truth

PLL Stats

The stat gurus are back again with an update on some telling PLL stats through week two. Is your favorite player doing as well as you thought? These stats tell the truth. PLL Stats: By The Numbers Goals Added A shooting analytic that uses the average percentage of possession retainment for off cage shots and […]

Shoot Like The Best Shooter In Lacrosse

Shoot Like The Best Shooter - Ryan Brown

If you study a great lacrosse player like Ryan Brown and try to shoot like him, you’re on the right path. Ryan Brown of Atlas Lacrosse Club is one of the most accurate goal scorers in the Premier Lacrosse League. The more you watch him, the better you’ll understand his game and soon you’ll be […]