NLL Combine : San Diego Player P.O.V.

NLL Combine San Diego

Go behind-the-scenes with pro lacrosse prospect C.J. Flemming at the 2018 NLL Combine in San Diego. Get an inside look at the combine experience and find out what it’s like to compete for a roster spot in the National Lacrosse League. First, a look at the letter sent out to prospects registered for the San […]

LXM PRO Thriller in San Diego

LXM PRO 858 Sam Bradman Team STX

LXM PRO 858 is an event that you MUST go back and watch. The match was by far one of the most entertaining lacrosse games I’ve seen as of late, let alone an LXM PRO game. Even though Maverik United is out of contention, the team played hard and barely fell to Team STX with little to no time left.

Photo of the Week: Roughhousing

Photo of the Week - Loyola Marymount vs. San Diego

Our very own Jim Loftus (Southland Lax) sent over these pictures that he sent from the San Diego vs. Loyola Marymount game. LMU lost the game 9-11, but didn’t let San Diego off without getting a little rough.

LXM PRO: The Middle Path

The most recent LXM event sure did draw a lot of praise and a lot of criticism. Where’s the truth? Not surprisingly, somewhere in the middle.

Vandal Shots Week 18: Spring Break Part Deux

Krieg Shaw gives us a picture perfect look inside University of Idaho lacrosse. In this edition: the Vandals wrap up their Spring Break adventures in Cali and head back home for the start of PNCLL action.