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Hot Pot: The Power Of Two

One man can accomplish a good deal on his own. With hard work and dedication, almost anything is possible, but it rarely comes easy. A team, or large group can accomplish much more, but that's not always an option... Sometimes it's just you and a friend. Let's talk about The Power Of Two!
max seibald
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Max Seibald Hates Corners caught up with Max Seibald at Maximum Lacrosse Camps in New York City, where we learned that Max has a serious distaste for the corners of lacrosse goals.
rob starr box lacrosse all star
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How To Train And Prepare For Box Lacrosse

Connor Wilson is back from box lacrosse in Prague and is sore and exhausted! Taking his experiences into account, he has come up with a training guide for box lacrosse. It's a different game and requires specific training and preparation!
overhand shot lacrosse
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Shooting Overhand Under Pressure Is A Must

Connor Wilson has often used other people shooting overhand to show you how valuable it is. Now he gives you a first hand story on its benefits. Plus you get to see Connor take a pretty solid hit. That's always fun, right?!?!?!? He's so OLD!
Dominican University Mesa State Lacrosse NCAA D2
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Hot Pot Of Lax: Shoot Overhand!

In this week's Hot Pot we take a look at the importance of shooting overhand, give you links to some of the best lacrosse news out there and have a Polish Lacrosse Rap Video, which is actually pretty darn good! What a Wednesday!