Hot Pot: Lacrosse Companies & NCAA Eligibility Violations

Larger lacrosse companies almost exclusively put up photos of their gear on social media, some of which D1 teams will use, and many smaller companies have followed suit. Other companies have taken a different approach, and in my opinion, it’s bordering on an NCAA eligibility violation.

MLL Allows Non-Warrior Equipment Into The League

brendan mundorf mll asg

For the first time in the league’s existence, Major League Lacrosse is giving manufacturers the opportunity to have their equipment on the field. What does it mean for lacrosse and the league, and what companies could benefit the most?

Why Most Of Us Miss The True Olympic Point


The Olympics we see on TV and in the media are very different, and much smaller, than the total experience. Are we losing our way when it comes to the Olmypic Spirit?

1 Lacrosse Interviews Chazz Woodson

1 Lacrosse has signed their first ever sponsored player in Chazz Woodson! We thought we’d give them the chance to interview their new guy… and the results are great. CHAZZ WOODSON IS BACK, SON!

Blind Item: 1 Lacrosse Signs A Pro Player

blind item

We have another sponsored player signing Blind Item! The announcement from 1 Lacrosse is only a couple of days away. See if you can get it right before the rest of the Press does!

Brian Reese: The Inside Scoop On The MLL

Brian Reese Colorado Mammoth Baltimore Bayhawks

We’ve had some killer discussion on the MLL from Ryan Powell, Lee Southren, David Palacios, Connor Willson and our commenters. Now Brian Reese, former pro lacrosse player and current GM of the Denver Outlaws, is adding his voice to the MLL conversation! This is THE Inside Scoop on the MLL.