Stat Freaks: NCAA Division I Week 4

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This was a HUGE week for our NCAA Division I Stat Freaks. 79 total names total made our Stat Freaks list, and the majority were also first time appearances. Once again, goalies were relatively lacking, but the other group unusually thin is the faceoff contingent. They were easily offset by the offense, though. This was […]

Stat Freaks: NCAA Weeks 2 & 3

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After a week hiatus, the Stat Freaks have returned! Full transparency: there was a bad combination of timing and NCAA website update that put us in a pinch. But we’re now in the clear, so you get a double dose! First, we’ll take a look at the big performances from Week 2, followed by the […]

Stat Freaks: NCAA DI — Week 1

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Stat Freaks is back! With another NCAA season upon us, we are ready to dive into the craziness that each week of NCAA lacrosse can bring us. Why do we do Stat Freaks? Easy! It’s a great way to be sure any great performance gets noticed. Whether the game is one on a small grass […]

NCAA D1 Stat Freaks – Week 13

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This week brings us to our final NCAA D1 Stat Freaks of the regular season. I’ll still keep track of this going through the NCAA tournament, and as things slim down, I’ll start including D2 and D3 for fun as well.

Stat Freaks – Week 12

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This week’s Stat Freaks was a season low, which isn’t too much of a shock as schedules are now starting to lighten up a little bit. Only 34 names in total made the list this time around, and of those 12 of them were newcomers. This is also the time of year where big performances tend to be really big.

NCAA D1 Stat Freaks – Week 4

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Stat Freaks was a section in the weekly D1 Rundown. But “Freaks” has turned into one of the more popular features, so we broke it out into its own post. Stat Freaks is all about capturing any individual player in any D1 game who really made a significant effort when it comes to the numbers.