Wall Ball Drills That Will Make You Better

lacrosse wall ball drills

It sounds cliché, but it’s the golden rule in lacrosse: hit the wall. We’ve all heard it from our first practice as children to our angry college coaches who saw us drop one too many passes: HIT. THE. WALL. So, you’ll want to know some lacrosse wall ball drills. I’ve assembled five great videos to […]


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Poolside with Lacrosse All Stars

Nothing like wet mesh and sidewall stalls. Mason Powell chills poolside in Reno, Nevada, on a beautiful sunny day.

Wall Ball with Marcus Holman

Wall Ball with Marcus Holman

Team USA and Ohio Machine Attackman, Marcus Holman shows us his wall ball routine and explains how it’s helped him improve.

Hot Pot: Celebrate The Wizard Not The Wand

To focus on the stick of a pro or top level college player too much is a mistake for sure. So how can you get away from caring about your actual stick so much, and start to focus on your stick skills? I’ve got one simple tip that you may find bizarre, but that you will also love once you try it.

Stick Work with Matt Striebel

Mitch Belisle

With all the hand-eye work we do in lacrosse, footwork can be one of the most highly underrated skill requirements, but if you watch the best players in the world you’ll notice their footwork is often what sets them apart.

Dave Pietramala on Building Stick Skills – LaxCon 2014

dave pietramala Johns Hopkins vs Towson men's lacrosse 10

While at the 2014 US Lacrosse convention, we took in a lot of lacrosse knowledge that we would love to share with you. Watch as Dave Pietramala, head coach of the Johns Hopkins University men’s lacrosse team elaborates on the importance of building stick skills.

Hot Pot: I LOVE This Kid’s Game!

Lacrosse standouts at younger ages are often the bigger kids, or the best natural athletes, but that isn’t always the case… in fact, sometimes you see a kid who lacks BOTH size AND speed, and yet he STILL manages to impress. This is one of those cases…