Stick Trick Saturday: Hoops Challenge

Stick Trick Saturday Hoops Challenge

Because of the NBA Finals, we are merging two sports in this week’s Stick Trick Saturday. Trick shots, sinking baskets and big time stalls is the game!

Stick Trick Saturday: Swim Stall

Stick Trick Saturday Swim Stall

Mark is down by the Boise River to teach some swim lessons! Just like a swim dodge, the Swim Stall is a stick trick where stopping momentum isn’t an option!

Stick Trick Saturday: The Pyramid

Can you complete the hardest Stick Trick Saturday maneuver to-date? It’s called The Pyramid and we had to run down Kaleb Manes to get it on film!

Stick Trick Saturday: Stall Ya Later

Stick Trick Saturday: Stall Ya Later

If you’re an avid lacrosse enthusiast, you likely already know how to easily pull off a stall. But can you do it 10 times in a row and then smack it home?

LaxMas Stick Trick: Mission Impossible

laxmas stick

I got an early LaxMas present this year: the ability to do a new stick trick! This time it’s a LaxMas Stick Trick miracle, and I can now do Mission Impossible.