Lake George: Vacation or Lacrosse Tournament?

Lake George National Invitational

When LaxAllStars asked me to attend the Lake George National Invitational with PrimeTime Lacrosse, it was an easy decision as soon as I heard those first two words lovely words: “Lake George.” Between the beautiful scenery, potential for water sports and the lacrosse action I was about to get to see, I was ecstatic for […]

Rhode Island: Home of the Bulldog Brawl

rhode island lacrosse bulldog brawl

It’s not easy to start and run a lacrosse event, especially in the Northeast where there’s a ton of competition on the ground. We attended the Bulldog Brawl in Rhode Island along with several other events run by PrimeTime Lacrosse in 2018, and each time we were blown away. The team at PrimeTime Lacrosse is […]

Yinzer Report: Summer Ball Pt. 1

Yinzer Report

We are more than halfway through the summer ball circuit. Let’s run down some All-stars, tournament results, and a coaching announcement.