Changing Men’s College Lacrosse’s Ball Color: Should It Happen?

Kyle Bernlohr, goalie for Premier Lacrosse League‘s Whipsnakes and former Maryland Terrapin, brought up an interesting proposition today on Twitter about men’s college lacrosse changing the lacrosse ball color to something other than the current color of white. Should Men’s College Lacrosse Have A Colored Ball? An Examination Of The Case The Motive: Why Change […]

Editor’s Note: Will you be America’s Top Scorer?

RipNet Devices

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat if you could compare your game to someone who lives two States over? Or how about on the opposite coast? What about comparing yourself to America’s #1 scorer in your age group who plays the same position? Today, our partner RipNet launched the first ever national leaderboards for high school and middle school boys and girls. Ranked based on scoring data submitted by players […]

Sports Padding Innovation: New Lacrosse Technology

Unequal Technologies EXO Skeleton Kevlar lacrosse sports padding

Unequal Technologies might just change the game for lacrosse pads! They are pulling Kevlar backed military grade technology over to lacrosse, and much like Carbon Fiber, this product has a REAL future in the sport world, especially lax.

Fireside Chat With C-12 Lacrosse – Let’s Talk Carbon Fiber!

C-12 Lacrosse shaft LAS style

Connor Wilson and Muamer Razic sit down with some of the guys from C-12 lacrosse, manufacturers of the finest carbon fiber shafts in the game! We can say that because we’ve tried them out… and they’re legit! Read on for a ton more info on the future of lacrosse shafts!