Maine Video: Wooden Sticks & Shooting Skeet

wooden lacrosse sticks

It was my first time fixing up a woodie, but the stick came out great, and throws on a dime. It was so nice that I convinced myself I could shoot a skeet pigeon out of the air… I did come pretty close!

Tweet of the Week: Thanksgiving for Junior?

Tweet of the Week

John Grant, Jr., is one of the best Canadian lacrosse players of all time, not to mention one of the best lacrosse players of all time period. But did you know he recently gained American citizenship? What does this mean for his Thanksgiving plans? Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, which means it already happened. Does that mean he gets double the turkey and pumpkin pie?

Editors & Writers: Why We Are Thankful


This Thanksgiving we asked our editors and writers to offer up their thanks, publicly. The responses we got were open, inspiring and diverse. Let’s give thanks for all we have…

Happy Thanksgiving From!!!!!!

backyard thanksgiving lacrosse willson family

Happy Thanksgiving, all! If you’re getting a little family lax in today, send us a photo at! It’s the newest Thanksgiving tradition! FAMILY LACROSSE GAME time!

Hot Pot Of Lax: Things To Be Thankful For


The Hot Pot is back for this day before Thanksgiving (at least American Thanksgiving anyway) and we have a long list of things to thankful for. Actually, we ALL do! Plus the best news, links and video as always!

The Spoon Feed, Filling You Up Every Friday

Why? Because it’s ALMOST the holidays. Because if you don’t have a mustache at least we do. Because Alec Baldwin didn’t become famous overnight. Because sometimes cartwheels seem cool.