Inside LaxCon: The Gear

Inside Laxcon: The Gear

The US Lacrosse National Convention took place January 23-25th in Baltimore, Maryland and we just had to share our up close and personal view of all of the gear in the #LaxCon fan festival!

Win this Metrik head with a #Laxcon dye by Stylin’ Strings

Win this Stylin Strings Laxcon dye

To celebrate the US Lacrosse Convention in Baltimore this year, Stylin Strings created a one-of-a-kind dye job on a Metrik lacrosse head. The Maryland flag inspired design features Rorke Denver, LaxAllStars, Rit Dye, East Coast Dyes, and Throne of String.

Stylin Strings celebrates #LaxCon with Major League Dye

LaxCon Lacrosse Head Dyed by Stylin Strings

To celebrate the 2015 US Lacrosse Convention, which took place over the weekend in Baltimore, the crew at Stylin Strings created a one-of-a-kind #LaxCon themed lacrosse head and put it on display at their booth. Here’s an up-close look!

Connor Versus: Throne of String – Episode 4


To get things going in Connor Versus again, we kept it local, and took on Joe Williams of Throne of String for Episode 4 of this ongoing series. We dueled it out lacrosse style on his rooftop in Brooklyn, used wooden sticks, and had a blast.