NCAA Week 9 – Is this poll SERIOUS?!?!

NCAA Week 9 - Is this poll SERIOUS?!?! April 9 LaxCots Jim Fenzel

Things are really getting crazy. Puzzling losses are all over, some teams have finally found themselves, and we are gaining better clarity for how the postseason will start to take shape. I love this time of year!

NCAA Week 8 – Is this poll SERIOUS?!?!

NCAA Week 8 - Is this poll SERIOUS?!?! April 2nd 2018 Laxcots Jim Fenzel

This is getting ridiculous. The good teams are looking bad, the bad teams are looking good, and the average teams are doing both. There is a major lack of consistency, and that is really showing in the double digit poll spots.

NCAA Week 7 – Is this poll SERIOUS?!?!

LaxCots lacrosse cartoon Jim Fenzel

What a strange, strange week. This week was loaded with upsets, lopsided victories, and many people left scratching their heads. It also makes a perfectly ordered top 20 poll nearly impossible

Is This Poll SERIOUS?!?! NCAA 2018 Week 2

week 2 cartoon poll

Week 2 is a terrible time of year to be doing a poll. With so few games having been played, let alone ranked teams playing each other, true comparisons are tough. The other question that must be asked during Week 2 is if a team has only played once, was it a good game or bad game? Let’s talk poll votes!

Is This Poll SERIOUS?!?! NCAA 2018 Week 1

Is This Poll SERIOUS?!?! NCAA 2018 Week 1

Welcome to the 2018 first edition of “Is This Poll Serious?!?!” Ryan Conwell has taken over these duties from Connor, but Ryan is still questioning decisions (sometimes his own!) and providing great insight into how an NCAA Media Pollster counts his eggs.

2017 D1 Lacrosse Done Gone Crazy Poll

loyola hopkins charles street rivalry crazy poll

This is going to be a crazy poll week as top teams lost, others were tested, others won big, and some lower ranked teams made pushes for consideration.

Seriously, No Poll? Poll Says Otherwise

Duke vs Notre Dame Men's Lacrosse Highlights super duper serious

No Media Poll this week. So… Ryan Conwell and I will just give you our ever diverging votes, as they would have been, had there been a poll. Little. Yellow. Different.

MidWeek D3 Lacrosse Top 20 Poll

MidWeek D3 Lacrosse Top 20

I am back to take another stab at ‘MY D3 TOP 20’, but this time I’m offering up a midweek D3 lacrosse top 20, taking WED games into account!