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Ranking High School Lacrosse Teams: Why?

There are a couple of polls out there that attempt to rank the Top 20 or Top 25 US high school lacrosse teams, and when you look at it as an extension of the NCAA Top 20 polls, it seems to make some initial sense, but when you look a little deeper, the rationale begins to fall apart pretty quickly. Why do we rank high school lacrosse teams nationally in ONE ranking system? Heck, why do we even rank them at all?
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The Best Lacrosse States According To High School Polls

It's always fun to compare states and regions within lacrosse using polls. It might not be scientific in any way, but it certainly showcases perceived differences in talent, and makes for an interesting conversation. We'll take a look at the two biggest Top 25 Polls, and see if we can draw any conclusions!
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US Lacrosse High School Top 25

The US Lacrosse High School Top 25 was released earlier this week, and while we don't put too much stock in national high school rankings (it's almost impossible to be truly accurate as there is still so little overlap), they are fun to see, and provide for great chatter.
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