Stick Trick Saturday: Hoops Challenge

Stick Trick Saturday Hoops Challenge

Because of the NBA Finals, we are merging two sports in this week’s Stick Trick Saturday. Trick shots, sinking baskets and big time stalls is the game!

John Grant Jr: Vehicle & OHL Goalie Trick Shots

John Grant Jr is a man of many trick shots on the box lacrosse floor. He makes it pretty, and he makes the opposition pay in a number of ways. And not that surprisingly, his trick shot game in flip flops is also rock solid. It’s the Summer, Junior is having some fun and repping Gait and Toyota in his latest trick shot video.

Trick Shots: James Vs Rob Pannell

Both Rob and James Pannell have been working Max Seibald’s Maximum Lacrosse Camps in NYC this week, and while the two definitely get along very nicely, the spirit of healthy competition is alive and well in this family!

The Top 5 MLL Freestyle Shots of All Time

During halftime of the MLL All-Star game, a few of the MLL’s flashiest scorers compete in the lacrosse version of the slam-dunk contest. Here are the FIVE greatest pro trick shots of all time!

SICK College Lacrosse Stick Trick Video

Practice makes perfect

A bunch of Wesleyan Lacrosse players made a great trick shot video. 412 found it on the internet. And now we’re posting it for your enjoyment. Teamwork is balling!

Daily Cheese: Kevin Buchanan FTW

Video of Kevin Buchanan winning the Freestyle Contest at the 2010 Major League Lacrosse All-Star Game. Plus news & notes as always.

Daily Cheese: Around The World With Cody Jamieson

Syracuse attack Cody Jamieson has had more than his fair share of eye popping goals. From the game winner in the 2009 national championship against Cornell to the one handed between the legs goal against Johns Hopkins this year, Jammer certainly seems to have a taste for theatrics and an eye for how to make […]