US Indoor Lacrosse Team Tryout Videos

US Indoor Lacrosse

The US Indoor Lacrosse team held tryouts in 2010 and we’re finally getting to see some footage! The team has been announced and is ready for the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships (WILC). Come see how Team USA got there.

In Latin Wednesday Means Lacrosse Drop

NY Tech CW Post lacrosse

Updates from Chicago, North Carolina, Las Vegas and Hawaii are still pouring in. Interviews and gear reviews are kicking off again and we’ll see more and more of them. We’ve also been doling out uniform advice like crazy. In the midst of all the BIG news and fashion policing, there is always more lacrosse news. Let’s get after it.

Wilson’s Wheelhouse: Fall Happenins

Don’t sleep through lacrosse during the fall because when you wake up in the spring, you won’t know what’s going on and your friends will think you’re a baseball player… And no one wants that.

US Indoor Team Releases Roster

The US Indoor Lacrosse Team has released their roster for the Bowhunter Cup this weekend. Come on in to see what this really means.