The Next Division 1 Schools to Add Men’s Lacrosse

division 1 men's lacrosse

We will have 76 NCAA Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse programs next season with the addition of Lindenwood University and Queens University. Both schools were at the Division 2 level and will make the jump to Division 1 beginning next season. My editor asked me a simple question, who’s next? Over the next two weeks, I […]

NCAA Conference Realignment: How Does This Change Lacrosse?

ncaa conference realignment

The landscape of the NCAA has been in shambles for multiple months now due to NCAA conference realignment. USC and UCLA set off their own fireworks when news broke that they were leaving the PAC-12 for the Big Ten Conference. Some compared the move to Texas and Oklahoma’s surprise announcement to leave the Big 12 […]

Last Week in Lacrosse – Dec. 8-14, 2020

Last Week in Lacrosse - Oct. 18-Oct. 25

Here’s what you might’ve missed in the lacrosse world in the last week (Dec. 8-14, 2020): -Latrell Harris talked us through the lessons that lax has taught him.  -Harris took us through racism he experienced in sports and how to help fix it.  -For more Latrell, check out his guide to style, and check him […]

Lydia Sutton 1v1: Listen To Your Heart

Lydia Sutton - USC and WPLL Interview

As a senior captain at University of Southern California this season, Lydia Sutton preferred pregame tunes that got the team unified. Music with positive vibes and heavy enough beats to get dance parties going. “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus happened to be a USC locker room favorite throughout college. She explains: It’s just […]

USC’s Matt Barkley Learns Lacrosse

Matt Barkley, the USC football star, learns about the sport of lacrosse, and by the end of his lesson, this NFL bound student-athlete is showing some serious potential!

Is USC Building A Lacrosse Field?

USC drawing lacrosse field master plan

Is USC building a lacrosse field? They’re adding a women’s program in 2012 but this future development plan looks like it has a men’s lacrosse field in it. This would be big!