Video Game Released: CP Lacrosse 18

Casey Powell Lacrosse Video Game

Obviously when you’re not at practice, school, hitting the wall or at games, you’re hooked on Fortnite. Look, we get it. However, you ought to know the only lacrosse video game on the market hit the shelves today! Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 gives you, the fans, the lovers of the sport, an opportunity to prove […]

Game Review: Lacrosse Arcade 2014

Lax Arcade lacrosse video game by Crosse Studios

Crosse Studios is back with another lacrosse video game! This time it’s Lacrosse Arcade 2014, a mobile game available both in the Google Play store for Android devices and the iTunes store for iOS devices. I’ve been playing the game the last few weeks on both iPhone and iPad, and now I’m giving you a look into the newest lacrosse video game.

Game Review: Flick Lacrosse LITE

Flick Lacrosse

Welcome to another mobile game review! Over the Summer we took a look at Brine Hotshot, and today we have a similar game: Flick Lacrosse LITE from Crosse Studios. In this game, there is only one level, no extra gear, and no in-game leader boards…but in the end it turns out to be the the more fun game when you just pick up and play. How is that possible you ask? Read on to find out!

The Lacrosse Show: Lacrosse 14 Video Game

Did you miss The Lacrosse Show last night? It was a REALLY good one! We had Carlo Sunseri on as a guest so we obviously spent a good amount of time talking video games! We also hit up the NLL and PLPA collective bargaining agreement, England’s tour of the US, different approaches to fall ball, as well as Maverik’s potential rise (and the Pride of Westchester).