21 Great Lacrosse Plays from 2021

21 great lacrosse plays from 2021

The pandemic meant we didn’t get the lacrosse we deserved in 2020, but the sport has made a comeback in 2021, and we’re all better for it. Though there is still a bit of time left in the year, we’re too eager to wait – these are some of the 21 best lacrosse plays from […]

Top 10 Lacrosse Summer Highlights 2021

Top 10 Lacrosse Summer Highlights 2021

Labor Day has come and gone, so that means another summer in the history books. Lacrosse was on fire during Summer 2021, with tons of incredible moments and highlights that Eric Bowden was lucky enough to experience and record through his camera lens. Eric combed through his video vault and uncovered the top 10 highlights […]

Lacrosse Mini Doc: Fivestar Championship Challenge

Lacrosse Mini Doc Fivestar Championship Challenge

The Fivestar Championship Challenge featured some of the best Class of 2023 athletes in the country all in one place, and Eric Bowden was there to capture it all. In the days since the event, the talented videographer has put together a mini doc celebrating the high-level lacrosse the event brought to Columbia, Maryland. Featuring […]

Hobart Lacrosse Scores… And Scores, And Scores…

Hobart Men’s Lacrosse has scored 69 goals through three games. That’s right, Hobart is averaging 23 goals per game. Watch the video below to see how potent the offense is for the No. 19 team in NCAA Men’s Division I Lacrosse. In related news, Hobart is not the only offensive juggernaut in college lacrosse. North […]

NLL Top Plays of Week 13

nll expansion draft

Watch the top plays from Week 13 of 2020 NLL action, and let us know your favorite! [jnews_block_5 first_title=”More NLL” include_category=”2313″]

No-Look Celebration Video: Marist Lacrosse Takes Down No. 9 Army

marist men's lacrosse army black knights lacrosse no-look celebration goal lacrosse

We’ve got a major early-season NCAA upset as Marist Men’s Lacrosse just took down No. 9 Army. While that was an incredible game, the even better part was the no-look celebration by Jason Intermesoli off of the assist to Joe Tierney during the first quarter. Watch the celebration below. No-Look Lacrosse Celebration: Marist Men’s Lacrosse Takes […]

The Grip And Shuffle Dance: Would You Use This Celly After Scoring A Goal?

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Instagram user @doc_bock recently put out a lacrosse-themed dance video. We thought we’d take a straw poll and wanted to find out if you would use the Grip and Shuffle dance for a lacrosse celly after scoring a goal. I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about dance. I think dance is […]

Kenzie Kent STX Stick Trick Tutorial: Video Of The Day

kenzie kent stick trick video stx lacrosse

WPLL athlete Kenzie Kent was recently featured in an STX Lacrosse stick trick tutorial. We’re always amazed at the incredible stick skills that professional lacrosse players possess. Kenzie Kent STX Stick Trick Tutorial