Bench Press Basics for Lacrosse Players

Bench Press Basics for lacrosse players

Is bench pressing necessary for the lacrosse athlete? No, but having a strong upper body is, and that is where the bench press can validate itself in the context of a strength and conditioning program.

It All Starts With the Squat

Lacrosse athletes—and all athletes in general—will benefit from progressing into heavy squats. While enticing, the road to big weight on the bar starts by mastering unloaded movement mechanics first.

3 Performance Habits You Need Daily

3 Performance Habits You Need Daily

Coach Jace is dropping knowledge on 3 Performance Habits that you can develop over the holidays, on the road and anywhere else you go to help turn training into a daily routine.

How to Lift for Bigger Hits

Today’s #WorkoutWednesday post is focused on how to lift weights to be more explosive, resulting in bigger hits on the lacrosse field.

3 Ways to Save YOUR Shoulders

The shoulder is very unique in that it is the most mobile join in the human body is used in nearly every human sporting action. And due to its large range of motion (ROM), the shoulder can end up in some highly stressful, unstable, injury-prone positions.

STOP These 3 Performance-Wrecking Mistakes

Injuries on the lacrosse field are, unfortunately, part of the game. It’s the same for any sport that involves contact, especially one where physicality is necessary to compete. While some elements of the game are unavoidable, what can make the difference in keeping you healthy and safe on the field is to focus on reducing […]

How to Build Grip Strength

how to improve grip strength

Forearm and grip strength are often overlooked in a lacrosse athlete’s training plan—but definitely shouldn’t be. The muscles of the hand and forearm are the final point at which energy is transferred from your body into the stick.

3 Steps to a Stronger Shot

Shooting is a dynamic skill that requires a lot of practice to develop. The right combination of strength, speed, and skill all play a part in shooting with high velocity.

Improving Acceleration Through Basic Training

USA vs Australia - 2014 World Lacrosse Championship Semifinal Game

While being fast is important for lacrosse, is speed really the main performance trait we should be training? How often do lacrosse players achieve top speed in a game? More often than not, a lacrosse athlete is either accelerating or decelerating in the midst of the game play.