Wesleyan Squeaks By: D2+D3 Weekend Recap


Another crazy week of D2/D3 lacrosse is in the books. The weekend slate featured numerous one-goal games including a Top 5 matchup of Liberty League foes in RIT and Union. The NESCAC can’t shy away from the spotlight as Wesleyan defeated Middlebury in a dramatic one-goal game that was decided in the final minute. In […]

Catawba Upsets Anderson: D2+D3 Weekend Recap


Just when we thought the cold weather was gone, the Midwest got slammed with a late March cold surge and some snow that made game conditions very difficult this weekend. We saw some great matchups throughout the week that will make life difficult for pollsters this upcoming week. Coaches Poll: USILA Week 7 D3 Weekend […]

NESCAC Report – National Championship Numbers

NESCAC Wesleyan Salisbury NCAA D3 Championship Sam Weinick

Is the NESCAC really the king of NCAA DIII men’s lacrosse? I’m sure all the diehards in the Northeast would like to think so. For those not privy to the New England Small College Athletic Conference, or NESCAC, it is a conference of highly regarded liberal arts schools based mostly in New England with one […]

Ode To Wesleyan Lacrosse – The Champs!

Wesleyan Salisbury NCAA D3 Championship Sam Weinick Wesleyan Lacrosse

this is not an unbiased, journalistic approach to talking about Wesleyan Lacrosse. This is me, openly admitting that I love this program, and always will. It simply can’t be helped, but I’d like to invite you in to see what this program is all about, and why it means so much to so many people.

Salisbury Vs Wesleyan – D3 Finals MEGA Preview

salisbury vs wesleyan lacrosse copy

This year’s NCAA D3 Men’s Lacrosse Championship, Salisbury Vs Wesleyan, deserves a lot of attention, and for so many reasons. This game showcases two teams that can play a multitude of speeds and styles of lacrosse. It’s even got famous lacrosse alumni!

NCAA D3 Final Four Preview & Predictions

D3 lacrosse D3 final four

The road to the D3 Final Four is absolutely grueling. Sure, D3 teams get a full week to prep for their championship game, but the path before that time, just to get there, is fraught with peril. But we’re here – the D3 Final Four is here!

NCAA D3 Lacrosse – Who Is Left? Who Will Win?

NCAA D3 lacrosse

The Mens’ NCAA D3 Lacrosse tournament has long been incredibly exciting, but this year has been truly special. Not only do we get huge games on weekends, but we are also seeing some of the best lacrosse of the year played on weekdays!