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Stick Trick Saturday: Stall Ya Later

Stick Trick Saturday: Stall Ya Later

If you’re an avid lacrosse enthusiast, you likely already know how to easily pull off a stall. But can you do it 10 times in a row and then smack it home?

Stick Trick Saturday: Indian Pickup with a Twist

Today’s stick trick is going to require you to master the classic Indian Pickup, but with a twist! 3 SISU Guards are up for grabs this week too so make sure to show us your best GAME FACE!

Stick Trick Saturday: Pinch, Pop & Stall It

Stick Trick Saturday: Pinch, Pop and Stall

We’ve spread love to a lot of places but one there’s one spot we’ve skipped until now: The face-off X! Master this Pinch, Pop & Stall stick trick to collect an entry in the 2015 Stick Trick Competition!

Stick Trick Saturday: Chicken Wing

Stick Trick Saturday: Chicken Wing

This week I’m doing the Chicken Wing over beautiful Boise, Idaho! Complete this trick to earn another entry point into the Stick Trick Saturday Competition!

Stick Trick Saturday Competition Kick Off

STICK trick saturday competition kick off

After the tremendous success of the Hula Hoop, we have decided to kick off to kick off the Stick Trick Saturday Competition, a prize packed 6 month long event sponsored by Wolf Athletics!