Wood Stick Wednesday: Mohawk Manufacturing Company


The Mohawk Manufacturing Company was a huge name in lacrosse back when wooden sticks were the only available option, and over 40 years ago you could buy one in a hardware store for about $8 pretty much anywhere in Ontario.

Traditional Thursday: 1907 Wooden Lacrosse Stick

1907 wooden lacrosse stick

The 1907 Wooden Lacrosse Stick is something extremely special. It’s incredibly rare, important to the history of the game as far as patents go, and it’s a serious piece of art work! Welcome to Traditional Thursday!

Traditional Throwback Thursday: Etobicoke Sports Stick


Joe O’Neill, from Stringer’s Shack, owns one of the most amazing and rare old school lacrosse sticks that I have ever seen, and today we’re showing it off to you! It’s a special stick from Etobicoke Sports!

Traditional Thursday: Restrung Wooden Lacrosse Stick Shooting

I used goalie leathers from Stick Doctor as my four leather runners. I used the original cat gut sidewall, and was even able to salvage original leather from the pocket to re-attach the cat gut to the wooden wall. I then used about 26 feet of cross lace to string the tight ten-diamond pocket.

Treasures of eBay: Ojibwe Lacrosse Sticks

Treasures of eBay

We scour the nether regions of eBay for the coolest lacrosse gear so you don’t have to. Welcome to the Treasures of eBay! First up: an entire set of 12 Ojibwe Native American lacrosse sticks.

Traditional Thursday: Pita In A Woodie

Welcome back to another Traditional Thursday. Today I re-string a Bacharach Rasin vintage wooden lacrosse stick. Big thanks to Joe Nocella of Brooklyn Lacrosse Club and 718 Cyclery for hooking it up!

Traditional Thursday: Woodie New Pocket

Lee Southren hooked me up with an old box lacrosse stick from the Mohawk Lacrosse Stick Manufacturing Company and since the pocket was a little beat up, I took it out and threw a brand new traditional pocket in there. It came out beautifully, and when I played wall ball with it yesterday.

Traditional Thursday: Old Wood, New Life

I picked up an old Hattersley’s Viktoria (made in England) on Craigslist (thanks to Chris Tiernan for physically picking it up for me), and even though it’s a women’s stick, it was well worth putting a new men’s pocket in it to shoot around and use for coaching. Giving an old, well used stick a new life. Sounds like a job for Traditional Thursday.

Throwback Thursday: The Legendary Etienne Woodie

There are a lot of really nice old wooden sticks out there, and there are a number of stick makers who do fantastic work. Alf Jacques and Mitchell Brothers are two men who still make wonderful sticks today, but back in the day an Etienne Martin was another gem, and if you can find one of these oldies, scoop it up!

Maine Video: Wooden Sticks & Shooting Skeet

wooden lacrosse sticks

It was my first time fixing up a woodie, but the stick came out great, and throws on a dime. It was so nice that I convinced myself I could shoot a skeet pigeon out of the air… I did come pretty close!