USA Wins Gold at Women’s World Lacrosse Championships


Kayla leads. Taylor competes. McCool runs. Ally controls draws. Charlotte shoots. They each brought their super powers. It was a joy to watch. Work is love made visible. USA wins gold at the 2022 World Lacrosse Women’s Championship. Their love of the game and each other was apparent in the product they delivered on the field, […]

World Lacrosse Championship Quiz

Test your knowledge of the international lacrosse game with this 20-question, multiple-choice World Lacrosse Championship quiz.

So you think you know the international game? Test yourself with this World Lacrosse Championship quiz. World Lacrosse, known as the FIL until 2019, has sponsored the World Lacrosse Championship for years. But the tournament to determine international field lacrosse supremacy is older than any worldwide lacrosse organization. The very first World Lacrosse Championship was […]

Chinese Lacrosse Impact: An Unforgettable Experience

China - 2014 World Championships Opening Ceremony

As a Canadian citizen, participating in the tournament as a member of the Chinese national team meant more than representing where I was from, or where I had been born and lived my entire life. It was an opportunity to get in touch with my heritage, meet new people, travel and explore parts of Asia, learn about China and Chinese culture, and lastly, the chance to Grow The Game.

Inside Look: USA Rolls Over England 20-1

USA vs England 20-1 6.14.14

The United States have officially gone undefeated in group play and remaining the #1 seed heading in to the bracket. England only won one face off in the game which resulted in the team’s only goal for the game.

Despite rocket fire back home, Israel dominates World Championship group play

Israel Lacrosse Celebration

The men of Israel Lacrosse are absolutely operating at the highest of levels right now in Denver, but nonetheless keeping the weight of the turmoil in the Holy Land on their hearts. It’s hard to play lacrosse halfway across the globe when your friends, family and community are always under constant attack from senseless rocket fire.

Sons of China: Battle Tested

China lacrosse 2014 World Lacrosse Championship

Team China was just as busy today as we were yesterday, and I’m sure our schedule will be similar throughout the entire tournament. We were able to practice at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Park before scrimmaging Argentina.

TLA Boot Camp: Day 5


Day Five of TLA boot camp was not only productive for the players, who faced Mexico in a scrimmage, but for President Payu Nerngchamnong, who presented the plans for Thailand’s lacrosse stadium to the FIL and other nations.

Dutch National Team Looking to Make A Push in Denver

Netherlands lacrosse team Dutch National team

The Dutch have landed in Denver and have set their sights on their first opponent, China. Under the leadership of Neal Powless, Ryan Demorest, Bill Bjorness and Jared Fotis, the Orange are ready to make a push and improve on the 8th position achieved at the last World Championships.

TLA Boot Camp: Day 3

Thailand Lacrosse Team Huddle

The third day of practice for TLA represented the future of Team Thailand while also reminding the athletes and staff of the country and culture they represent.

Sons of China: Day 1

China lacrosse team Day 1

Dylan Bassham is back and this time he’s giving us the day by day for the Chinese National Team. Hearing the stories from the player’s perspective is an invaluable resource we’re glad to share.