Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament, Day 1


Loyal Readers,

Sure hope you’re not Woozled out yet, because the FUN is just beginning! Please bear with us as we continually tweet and blog all about Tahoe.

The team arrived in Incline Village, NV last night in time for a BBQ and team meeting at Woozle HQ. Complete with PBR icebreakers, the meeting kicked things off just right. You know, sometimes you just know and in this case we knew… We’ve got a TEAM this year.

Key learning? Sometimes aggressive emails that include agendas and driving directions DO work! Everyone came prepared. Here’s yesterday and today’s sched:


7:00pm – Meet at Woozle HQ (984 Fairway Park Dr. #2)
7:30pm – Welcome from Woozle Corporate

– Player introductions
– Review weekend schedule
– Offense/Defense meetings

8:15pm – Woozle Welcome BBQ Bash


10:15 – Meet at High School fields
11:15 – Woozles vs. Clif Bar (Field #3)

Eat lunch / hydrate / watch other games

3:15 – Meet at High School fields
4:15 – Woozles vs. Central CA (Field #3)
7pm-ish – Tournament Welcome Party at Crosby’s Pub

We took the field this morning at 11:15AM against Clif Bar, the #1 seed in our pool, and got the W 5-4 in a very wary way. It was neck and neck all morning long, and in the end I think every Woozle was very thankful that we finally have a reliable defense this year.

Below are some pics from last night and post-game #1/pre-game #2 today:

The Fernandez bros showing off the new Woozle threads

The new Woozle dome

Krispen’s new Woozley Brine Kings

…And his $$$ Reebok stick

The Woozle beanie Dave’s mom knitted him. Sweet sweet lax!

@ConnorWilsonLAS icing and eating the LAS way

WD40 in the house!

Kane & Rory sippin the G (Gatorade, FYI)

And last but not least, here’s W1LDF1RE sippin on his “Wary Bear”!

Stay tuned for more updates tonight. We’ll try to get some in-game photos rolling in and post them here as well.

If you’re in Tahoe right now playing for another team, please drop us an update in the comments section or via email. We’d love to post info about your tourney experience!

Goooo Woooooz!

Woozles shorts and killer jerseys made by Pro Athletics.

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  1. Hi guys. Looking good! Like the new uniform and helmet. But could use a little more pink! I am Krispens MoM. He would not let me come to watch. So I am glad I found you on the web. Krispen has a pink stick also but he does not use. Gait stick came out a few years ago. Enjoy yourselfs, play hard and be safe! Looking forward to more info. Go Woozles!! Hugs Kathy