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Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament: Day 2

The Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is a HUGE 3 day lacrosse affair, and while Friday kicks things off nicely, SATURDAY is really what all the hubbub is about!

LAS went 1-1 yesterday and faced off against a tough Rocky Mountain Oysters squad in our only game on Saturday. What resulted was a defensive battle, and LaxAllStars escaped with a 3-2 (yes, you read that correctly) win. It was an intense and physical soccer… er, lacrosse game.

slash_victim lacrosse
Yup, it left a mark.

A couple of off hand standouts for LaxAllStars were Nick Widmer in cage, David Ogle’s chest hair, and Johnny Christmas, who dropped in the game winner for LAS over the RMO squad.

Jeff with JC after the win.

Thanks for coming!

Nick Widmer, looking good.

When you play for 412, you get helmets like that.

The guys are 2-1 and winning the tight games so far. We’ll have to wait and see what Sunday holds for the team other than the fact that they play at 12:30 Tahoe time! We’ll try to get some more info on other game scores, who’s headed to the playoffs, etc., as the day wears on.

And now we’re on to the wonderful Women’s side of things… Yup, we have a LaxAllStars Women’s Team! Watch out, world!

The ladies are 2-0 as of 7:30pm EST, and heading into their third game. So far, they’ve been winning comfortably. Looks like we picked up a group of real winners! And they’re a spirited bunch as well. Don’t let the record fool you.

Also, they’re good at spelling!

Oh, hey there. Pose on the far right is our favorite. Nice.

But they’re also dropping some serious goals on the competition. It’s raining something, possibly Flabongos.

Oh, you think you fancy?

Yeah, fine. You’re fancy.

Ready to go to work!
How prepared do they look?
Very prepared.
Best of luck! Happy to have you all on board!

Saturday Morning/Fun Times:

Saturday is a full day of lacrosse at two nearby locations, and while teams don’t play more than 2 games, it can be exhausting!

So tired, it makes us want to blog.

The sidelines at the Incline Village village green fields are usually packed, and the beer being distributed on site doesn’t hurt the atmosphere one bit. Also, getting food at Raley’s supermarket is always key.

Trust us, listen to the sign.

At both sets of fields you can usually find some shade or sit in the sun, and the village green set up is a pretty tight and intimate atmosphere to be sure. Being able to jump into a cool lake after a long day doesn’t hurt one bit either!

Glad to see the Salt Shakerz are enjoying their first trip out to Tahoe! Good luck, fellas!

Saturday is where Champions prime themselves for a run on Sunday, and where the rest of the teams put up their best fights, and then concede, heading to the consolation side of things after group play ends. Friday night can be an adventure all on its own, and those unprepared for early games can lose unexpectedly. Will we see upsets today? The magic 8-ball says “Looking Likely”.

Let’s keep it clean, fellas!

Friday Fun Times:

That looks good, James. What is it? A Flabongo? Never heard of it.
It’s game time. Just a different game.

Get that shirt here!

Tahoe fun times.
Mike Brady says, “Hi, Dave!”
At least the sticks are lined up.

If YOU are at Tahoe and want to send in some great photos, video or stories, PLEASE DO! Hit us up on our tipline and we’ll be sure to give you credit for the shot!