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Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament: Day 3

Tahoe Championship Updates:

The Adrenaline Tropics win the Men’s Elite Championship by an 8-6 score over Dub C. Dub C beat Team Tecate 6-5 in one semifinal, and The Tropics romped over Twisted Steel 14-3.

The title game was a total barnburner as it was tied 2-2 at half. There were lots of D1 and LXM PRO guys on the Tropics team. Game photos pending! For now, enjoy the hardware, and some scoreboards.  See further below for more from the LAS men and women!

That’s awesome, right?
Your name will live on forever.
Scores, scores and more scores.

LaxAllStars Updates:

Day 3 of the Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament is quickly drawing to a close! The playoffs are all said and done and kept the wins coming in a major way! The guys had another close game, but emerged victorious over Big Blue, 7-5. That brings the record overall to 3-1, with the lone loss coming to 2007 and 2009 Tahoe Champ, Dub C, who also made the finals this year. A strong showing by the LAS men indeed!

Keeping it frisky.
Consolation side scoreboard. LAS Winners!
What’s up, homies?
Lax All Star
A real lax all star.
Many thanks to Pete Sayia for sending over this Salt Shakerz team photo!

The women are also rolling strong! First it’s breakfast, then it’s game time!

First meal is the big meal!
Let’s go!

The LaxAllStars women made it all the way to Championship game before the club suffered its first loss ever. They played a talented group of UC Davis alumni and lost a tight game, 7-5, or something on that order. We are so proud of the girls and their near brush with the hardware! Way to bring Tahoe up a notch… BAM!

Pyramid of success.

Let’s get the whole crew together…

Yeah, you want in on this. LaxAllStars for life!

Earlier Sunday Action:

It’s Day Three of the annual Tahoe Lacrosse Tournament and the action is flying hot and heavy on both the women’s and men’s sides. So far, LaxAllStars has put on a pretty strong showing with the guys going 2-1 so far (one game left today!) and the gals running up an impressive 3-0 mark on Saturday, as well as some impressive bruises!


The fellas take on Big Blue (mostly Sonoma State alumni) in a consolation final at 12:30 Tahoe time, and the girls are playing at the same time… but they’re playing for the CHAMPIONSHIP! We wish the Lady LaxAllStars all the best in that one!!!!

Go team, go!

For now, we’ll start of with some post-game Saturday photos, and bring you more from Lake Tahoe as the day progresses! Check back for updates, stories, videos and more great photos!

Team LAS. What a crew!

SaturNIGHT fun:

The day winds down…
LAS out in Tahoe
…then we go out…
…we go out…
…we go out…
…we come home…
…we get sleep.

It can be a very tiring weekend, and if you don’t rest up, Sunday and the travel home can be brutal. Glad to see some of our guys just curled up with a good book! Thanks to Mike Brady and Joe Eck for the above photos!

SaturDAY fun:

Let’s hit the beach!
Hi, Dave! Now you’ve seen it. You can’t un-see it!
Now that’s some serious Tahoe style!
Chilling on the sidelines post game.
Salt Shakerz Mohawk? Don’t mind if he does.
If you’re not here, you’re missing out!
One fan down, many more to go!

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Got a great photo or video from Tahoe? We want to see it!!!!! Send in YOUR submissions to our tip line and we’ll get it up on!