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Take 5 With Kyle Harrison: Traveling Gear

Sorry for the delay in writing, things have been CRAZY for the past month or so! From bouncing around the country doing STX and Nike clinics, to traveling to Austin to promote the upcoming LXM PRO event, it’s been a a bunch of traveling airplanes and hotel rooms, but I’m not complaining!

For this weeks Take 5, I’m going to go with the Top 5 things I Can’t Live Without When Traveling.

1. iPod and Head Phones

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a HUGE fan of music. And though I love hip hop to get me going for games and working out, I’m actually into all kinds of music (except country).

So, number one on the list with out a doubt is my iPod and head phones. In LA you’ve got to have a headset on when you drive, or you’ll get a ticket, so I’ve always got a pair of those puppies around, but when I get on the plane, I toss on Dr. Dre’s Beats headphones and get my listen on.

Depends on the mood I’m in or how long the flight is, but more often then not I slow things down on the plane – no need to have Weezy or Biggie getting me hyped to sit on a flight for 6 hours.


2. Mac Computer

Editor’s note: Yup, that’s the Big Shaqtus flying with his Macbook

Got to have the comp with me whenever I travel for obvious reasons. From getting work done, to jumping on the internet (if the airline has it), to watching movies, a computer on the flight is a must have.

I do get a bit weirded out when the dude next to me is all up in what I’ve got going on on my computer screen, but I guess that comes with having your computer out on a plane. Some dude even asked me if I had another plug in for his headset one time when I was watching a movie, but I’ll save that story for another time.


3.  Hooded Sweatshirt

For some reason, I’ve always had an issue with the air that comes out of those little overhead things. Just recycled stinky air (you know people just let’um rip on planes), that they have blowing on you all flight. And, if you turn it off, it gets crazy hot up in there.

Having that air blow directly on to the top of my head or face is definitely not an option, so I HAVE TO toss the hood up. Also, I’m a window seat guy so I need the hood to lean on the window so my face/head isn’t all pressed straight up against the window too!


4.  PSP

Yes, I know I’m a grown man, and I know you’re probably hating in your head right now (my GF hates too), but I GOT to have my PSP. I’m obsessed with that thing and time flies by when I get a solid game going on there.

I’ve got a pretty serious tennis tour going right now (my dude’s rank is 12th in the world son!), a solid NBA season going (about mid way through), and I’m making my way through the Avatar game (which is off the chains) as well. I used to be all about sports games, but for some reason this Avatar game is serious, or I could just be biased because I love the movie.


5.  Comfy Sneaks

I’ve got a few pairs of shoes that I’ll travel in, but I’m pretty selective here without a doubt. Not a huge fan of people who get on planes, then take their shoes off to get comfortable and have the plane smelling like hot garbage, beef and sweat all mixed together.

Nike Trainer 1’s are definitely comfortable, but those are more of training shoes, so I usually rock anything that’s SB as those are the most comfortable shoes (IMO). P-Rods are usually the shoe of choice. Nothing worse then achey, sore feet when you’ve got to land somewhere, then jump out on a field and run around for awhile! Got to take care of the dogs!

What are some of the things you can’t live without when you’re traveling?


About the author: A Tewaaraton Trophy winner and MLL All-Star currently playing for the Denver Outlaws, Kyle Harrison is widely known as one of the best players to ever come out of Johns Hopkins University. Harrison is also one of the few top professional athletes giving fans a way to connect with him online daily. Follow him on Twitter and check out his Yardbarker blog for updates.