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Take The Risk: Summer Lacrosse Stories

During much of the year, we have our lives all planned out, and school dominates our scheduling landscape. Over the Summer, many of us get the chance to try new things, and take the risk. What risk am I talking about? It’s the risk associated with something new, something challenging, or something unknown. It’s the kind of thing that can change your path in life if it’s done right. It can open your eyes to new worlds. The risk can do so much for us, perhaps it should be called the Reward!

While I took a couple of risks myself this Summer, my stories can only tell so much… after all, I’m an old man way past his prime. But there are others out there who are still approaching their prime years, and some of these current players are taking the risk as well. Today we share some of their stories, in their own words:

Take The Risk: Summer Lacrosse Stories

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Both Joelle Taliento and Kernell Warner tried new things this Summer.

Joelle made the trek up to Vermont to try out for the Jr Voyageurs (the only US box team to play in the Quebec league), made the team, and then went back up for multiple sets of games. The Jr Voyageurs team finished the season undefeated and then won all their playoff games. Joelle relearned lacrosse, met a ton of new people, and spent a ton of time out of state, learning to love Vermont. This experience has undoubtedly impacted his world view, and where he might live once he finishes his college studies. Without a willingness to take the risk, this never would have happened.

Kernell was a standout this season for Eagle Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The team went 13-0 and won a City B Championship. Kernell was always one of the best players on the field. He took a risk by going to the NYC Empire State Cup tryouts, because that level of play was much higher than what he was accustomed to. He made the team, and was then part of a team that won NYC’s third straight ESC title, but he also learned a lot, and saw how far he still had to climb. It has only reinforced his desire to make it to the next level in lacrosse, and in his academic pursuits.

Either of these young men could taken a different path this Summer. They could have taken the easy way out, and made excuses. Instead, they chose new paths and learned new things.

Now, not every kid who tried out for either the VT or NYC ESC teams made it, but even those players took the risk this Summer, and did not make the team, should still be commended. Part of taking the risk means you might fail. Learning how to come back from that is an equally valuable lesson. If you took the risk this Summer, we’d love to hear what you learned in the comments below!