Tamares Hotels Join World Lacrosse Championships
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Tamares Hotels Join World Lacrosse Championships

The days until the 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships are counting closer to zero, and with the excitement comes more organizations eager to get involved.

Tamares Hotels is the latest to partner with the tournament and enter the world of international lacrosse. The West Lagoon Resort by Tamares, located seaside in the Israeli beach city of Netanya, has been named the Official HQ Hotel of the World Championships.

“We are very proud to be the primary hub of the World Lacrosse Championships,” said Anat Starik-Dahan, Vice President of Marketing and Commercial at Tamares hotels & Chairman of the Marketing Committee of the Israel Hotel Association. “The hotel will be full of the delegations and answer all the needs of the athletes and officials.”

The West Lagoon Resort is well equipped to serve as host for FIL officials, tournament VIPs and several national teams. The hotel’s 15 stories and 272 suites and rooms all fitted with sea-view balconies will allow tired athletes and other world travelers with a spacious and comfortable home, allowing visitors a resort vacation to contrast the championships’ intense competition.

Outside of the suites, the resort boasts a world-class spa treatment at the West & Spa and an impeccably placed pool that provides an elevated view of southern Netanya’s renowned beaches, perfect for recovering from a long day on the field.

“The slogan of the hotel is, ‘Sea for Yourself,’” Starik-Dahan explained. “Even though the athletes, coaches and officials will be busy all day with the games, at night when they come back, they can sit on their balconies and relax with the view and beautiful breeze.”

The resort will also host the FIL General Assembly July 9th-10th with delegates from most of the FIL’s 60 members days before the historic championships’ first faceoff.

Tamares has chosen to partner with the World Championships because of its commitment to showing Israel to the world and the belief in the power of sport.

“We welcome these kinds of sporting events to Israel,” Starik-Dahan said. “We think there is great exposure for Israel in sports, food, music and many other subjects that bring individuals together. Sports connect people. We’d like to start a tradition of sports bringing people to Israel and to our hotels in Israel.”

With mere weeks left before the 13th edition of the World Lacrosse Championships, the FIL and those organizing the tournament are thrilled to bring Tamares Hotels aboard.

“Tamares Hotels is a perfect partner for this historic event,” said David Lasday, COO of Israel Lacrosse. “As the official hotels of the World Championships, they will provide teams and fans from around the world special memories and a great experience they can take home with them.”

For more information on the 2018 World Championships, go to worldlacrosse2018.com and the tournament’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

More about The West Lagoon Resort by Tamares Hotel Chain:

Perched atop a high cliff looking out over pristine Mediterranean beaches, the West Lagoon Resort is raising the bar for luxury hospitality in Netanya, leading the city to new heights of elegance, opulence and prestige.

Suitable for leisure, business and events, the 15-story hotel includes 272 suites and rooms with sea-view balconies, offering guests a luxurious hospitality experience with personal service and attention to even the smallest detail. The hotel’s attractive location on Netanya’s southern beach strip allows quick and easy access to major transportation arteries and the city center.

The beauty of nature and the sea inspired the West Lagoon Resort’s unique design. Open spaces, plenty of natural light in sandy tones, the turquoise water and shells create an exceptional sense of tranquility and freedom.


The stunning beach and promenade close to the hotel give your beach vacation a unique holiday atmosphere, along with the variety of wellness activities that promote health, fitness and energy.

The resort’s swimming pool looks out over the Mediterranean, adding to the pleasure of relaxing poolside. The complex includes a semi-Olympic pool and children’s pool, shaded wooden balcony, sundeck and a snack bar serving dairy and meat dishes.

For those looking for the spa treatment, the West Lagoon Resort has that covered, too. The resort’s West & Spa overlooks the sea and offers a luxurious and relaxing experience with diverse body, health and beauty treatments of exceptional quality straight from the skilled hands of the finest therapists. Spread over two floors, the spa includes seven stylishly-decorated rooms where you can enjoy a wide range of treatments, some of which include unique marine elements, such as seashells and seaweed.