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TD Ierlan Charlie Leonard PLL Rookie Spotlights
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TD Ierlan & Charlie Leonard: PLL Rookie Spotlights

Welcome to the Lax All Stars 2021 PLL Rookie Spotlights series!

The PLL College Draft was held April 26, introducing 32 players into the PLL fold. The league’s training camp is set for May 28 through June 3 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, to determine the final rosters of the eight teams for the 2021 campaign.

Not all 32 of these players will make a team, but right now, the dream is alive for them all. We’re counting down the days until the PLL opens up its training camp by delving deep into every player selected in the 2021 PLL College Draft, with two players included in each post, with help from Ryder Cochrane, Ryan Conwell, Nick Zoroya, and Nick Pietras.

Next up: TD Ierlan and Charlie Leonard.

2021 PLL Rookie Spotlights: TD Ierlan & Charlie Leonard

TD Ierlan

School: Denver (Yale, Albany)

Position: FOS

Who drafted him & when: TD Ierlan was selected No. 4 overall by Redwoods LC.

Is this about where he was expected to go: I think that TD Ierlan to the ‘Woods at No. 4 was a bigger lock than the No. 1 overall pick. Everyone knew the Redwoods needed him, and luckily he was available when their turn came. No surprises here.

What are the main skills he brings to the team: A generational talent. TD Ierlan has dominated college lacrosse for what seems like a decade, elevating his game each year, adding to his tool box, and adjusting to new rules. From a faceoff perspective, he is on track to become one of the all-time great professional specialists. 

How’s the fit: The Redwoods need a dominant No. 1 FOS to compete in the league, and they’ve secured just that. Having played on three different college teams, successfully, I have no doubt TD Ierlan will fit in with his new teammates right away.

Who’s the competition & what are the odds he makes the team: You don’t pick a guy in the first round if you don’t plan on keeping him around. TD Ierlan automatically assumes one of the two rostered FO spots that I assume the Redwoods will have.

Charlie Leonard

School: Notre Dame

Position: FOS

Who drafted him & when: Charlie Leonard was selected No. 32 overall (Round 4, Pick 8) by Redwoods LC.

Is this about where he was expected to go: To be honest, I 100% expected Charlie Leonard to be selected from the player pool. Having already selected TD Ierlan in the first round, I was a little surprised the Redwoods drafted a second FOS.

What are the main skills he brings to the team: Charlie Leonard has the potential to be a No. 1 FOS in the PLL. He’s having the best statistical season of his career, and despite having Kyle Gallagher transfer in, he’s proving that he can compete everyday. This past season, he has added to his repertoire of moves, counters, and exits to become a more well-rounded FOS.

How’s the fit: This is a perfect fit if there ever was one. He goes from a college program where he competed everyday with an elite FOS in Gallagher, to a professional team where he will compete everyday with Ierlan. Together, they make a two-headed monster that will never skip a beat. Coach Nat can sleep easy knowing these two guys will get his reworked attack line more looks than ever. I only expect Charlie Leonard to further improve from working with/against Ierlan. We also have the obvious Notre Dame connection, which means Leonard should seamlessly gel with his new teammates.

Who’s the competition & what are the odds he makes the team: Let’s for one second assume that Ierlan is a lock to make the team. That puts Leonard in a three-man race for what appears to be one remaining spot with Peyton Smith and Greg Puskuldjian. Chances to make the team: 50%.

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