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Ansley Jemison explains the Iroquois Lacrosse Program

Teaching The Roots Of The Game

We found a gem of a video featuring the Iroquios Lacrosse Program putting on an introductory Youth Lacrosse Clinic in Humboldt County. This is awesome stuff. Grow the Game!

Three members of the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse program headed off to Humboldt County in California and helped in putting on a lacrosse clinic for the local kids.  It was one of the first youth lacrosse events in the area.  I certainly love a good introductory lacrosse clinic as much as the next guy, but to introduce kids to the game directly through the descendants of the first people to play lacrosse is incredible.  I just love seeing stuff like this, and it definitely inspires me to keep learning about the game so that I can teach it better.

[fvplayer src=”” splash=”” caption=”2011 Humboldt State University lacrosse camp w/ Iroquois Lacrosse Program”]

The message of where lacrosse comes from, and what it means, is often lost these days, but hopefully this video will help you keep that a little closer to the front of your consciousness.  I know I will.  That’s it, I’m giving up mesh for the rest of the year and only using traditional.  It’s a small start.  Grow The Game!!!

Ansley Jemison explains the Iroquois Lacrosse Program
Ansley Jemison explains the Iroquois Lacrosse Program
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