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Team Philippines Lacrosse: “The Search” Is On!

Josh “Chewy” Acut has brought lax to South Texas in a major way, and now he his eyes set on an even bigger target: a NEW international lacrosse team! Let’s welcome Phillipines Lacrosse to the Nation, shall we? WE SHALL!

Editor’s Note: International Lacrosse continues to grow, and there is now a movement to make Phillipines Lacrosse the newest reality.  Josh “Chewy” Acut got lax kicking in a major way in South Texas, and now he’s looking to work some more magic, but this time it will be a little further from where he now calls home.  We’re talking about Phillipines Lax.


Literally only a week and a half have passed since I really thought about committing to the launch of Team Philippines Lacrosse, but now thanks to the help, advice and additional motivation from my boy Payu of the Thailand Lacrosse Association… it’s so much close to happening in a major way!

BUT, and there’s always a BUT, other than Vinnie “The Art of LAX” Ricasio and the Frank Bros. and Co. from Canada, it seems like Filipino lacrosse players are as plentiful as trying to find a teenage laxer who isn’t a “Lax Bro”.  I looked up every combination of Filipino/Philippines/Lacrosse that I could and still got less than a handful of players.

So here is my plea to all the fans and family, The Search Is On for Filipino lacrosse players.


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Manny Pacquiao Boxing
Maybe get this guy supporting the movement?

Whether you live in the Philippines, North America, on a base in Germany, in South Africa, or any other place on this planet; if you are Filipino and play lacrosse hit me up!  I know there are Filipino laxers out there.  There have to be, right?  If not, then I guess I’ll just have to buy a trailer, get some gear, and start spreading the word and Growing the Game on a whole new level.  Although I’m not 100% sure how I’ll get the trailer to the Phillipines.  Driving isn’t really an option.

Some people will say, “Filipinos don’t play lacrosse”, or “Ya’ll are way too small”, or “You’re crazy”… To that I say, remember the idea that I had about launching lacrosse in South Texas?  Challenge Accepted!

So to ALL the readers, The Search Is On for Filipino LAX’ers!  Let’s Go!!

If you’re interested, or know someone who might be interested, just send an email to and they’ll get you connected!
Thailand in 2012, Denver in 2014, Global Domination in 2016.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Filipino Laxer,

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