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Mitch Belisle of Trilogy Lacrosse explains simple, hard work to train for Team USA
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Team USA Preparations Through Simple, Hard Work

I think the biggest difference exhibited by players that have long and successful careers after college versus those that do not, is their mentality.

Knowing what kind of things are required to allow you to play your best and being willing to do those things day in and day out are what separates a few years in the league from a career. More often than not ID’ing these individual requirements and the work it takes to accomplish them is a personal process.

We don’t have coaches to help pinpoint every problem area and the drills to work on them, so we have to do it ourselves.

Personally, I know that being in top physical shape is what differentiates my game and allows me to have success. Things like sprints (again, nothing fancy, just simple, HARD work), push ups, pull ups and wall ball are all things you can do on your own to get better, without paying big bucks to a trainer. Playing for Team USA doesn’t mean our trainers are with us 24/7, it takes a lot of personal preparation and motivation to be successful and to crack the 23-man roster.

At the end of the day, the people who can figure out what it takes to make them great, and then are willing to go out and do those things, are the ones that will achieve their goals.