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Teaming up with COMLAX

Editor’s note: The following update from Jeff Brunelle, Lacrosse All Stars founder and CEO, is one of a handful of announcements that will be delivered to members and published in our Site News section over the course of Summer 2014. If you would like to stay informed via email, please consider signing up as a member today.

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Greetings, LAS faithful! Today, I’m very pleased to announce that Lacrosse All Stars has teamed up with COMLAX in an annual partnership that puts COMLAX front and center as the official lacrosse equipment retailer of

The track record and reputation of COMLAX within the lacrosse industry is second-to-none and our team here at is very much looking forward to working closely with the talented COMLAX staff. I have no doubt we’ll learn a lot from the relationship – from the technicalities of SEO to the exact weight of every lacrosse head on the market, our team will surely get a thorough education in lacrosse gear.

Truth be told, LAS had the opportunity to collaborate with COMLAX once before, a couple of years ago, but the timing did not work on our end. In hindsight, I recognize how young we were at the time. What we have now is much more established, and we’ll be able to provide a lot more value to our newest partner because of it. Still, it’s not every day you get a second chance at working with someone, so I feel very lucky to be able to introduce COMLAX as our newest partner for the upcoming year.

The Nitty Gritty

The ways we’ll be teaming up with COMLAX are very unique to our brand and website. While you’ve probably already noticed the “Community Forum presented by COMLAX” banners at the bottom of stories and inside the Community, the relationship goes quite a bit deeper than that.

Lacrosse Community Forum presented by ComLax
Lacrosse Community Forum presented by ComLax

For the sake of transparency to our loyal fans, here’s a quick look at the nitty gritty details:

  1. COMLAX is the exclusive retail partner of
  2. COMLAX is the headline sponsor of’s Lacrosse Community Forum
  3. is an affiliate partner of COMLAX
  4. The Crosse Clicks newsletter is now presented by COMLAX
  5. The Member of the Week feature is now presented by COMLAX
  6. LAS and COMLAX will collaborate weekly to create best-in-class lacrosse gear content, including the filming of a co-branded video series on Long Island this Fall
  7. Free LAS stickers will be available to customers at every COMLAX location nationwide soon and a special LAS promo will be held in-store at every COMLAX location for one month next Spring
  8. members receive a special discount at COMLAX.COM (for the coupon code, check the My Account page)

COMLAX is owned and operated by parent company TSG Enterprises, LLC, which also owns and operates Pure Hockey, the largest hockey equipment retailer in the United States. COMLAX and Pure Hockey retail stores share the same roof, and after we learned more about TSG’s success in the sport of hockey and gained an understanding of its goals for COMLAX, it was clear to our team that we’d found a perfect match.

Paving The Way

With twenty store locations in seven States and counting, COMLAX has enjoyed steady growth over the past few years much in thanks to the company’s focus on hiring extremely knowledgeable and talented lacrosse store managers and expert stringers. This approach, in addition to a low price guarantee, huge stores and vast product selection, has helped position COMLAX as a leader in customer service and set new standards for the purchase of lacrosse gear in general and strung lacrosse heads.

One of my favorite things about COMLAX is how they make their lacrosse experts accessible through YouTube, too. For those of us in non-traditional lacrosse markets, it can be difficult to find time with an expert face-to-face. Video series like Pocket Parlor help lower the barrier to entry for learning and developing a passion for the game.

No other brick-and-morter lacrosse retailer has quite the same set up or strategy as COMLAX. Look no further than the rate at which it continues to add new locations as proof of that being a good thing. In fact, there are two more locations opening this summer in Rochester, NY and West Springfield, MA. We’re thrilled to be along for the ride!

“The Golden Ticket”

As we continue to grow and take our content to the next level, we recognize the importance of providing our audience with exclusive opportunities and authentic experiences. So, when establishing our requirements for a new lacrosse equipment retail partner, we determined that providing direct value to our loyal readers was a critical component to us.

We wanted to establish a clear value proposition for new free members who sign up, and we wanted whatever was going to be offered to complement our retailer relationship. When I sat down with Jeff Copetas, VP of Marketing at COMLAX, to discuss the possibilities of how they could help, he did not hesitate to offer a substantial discount.

As of today, I’m happy to announce that members receive 15% off at COMLAX. To claim your coupon code, simply sign up or sign in and head over to your My Account page. If you have any problems or issues with the coupon code, simply call COMLAX’s Customer Service group at 866-787-3462 and they will help you out right away!

Comlax and Lacrosse All Stars team up
Special thanks to COMLAX for supporting!