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Ten Years In Business - Lacrosse All Stars
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Ten Years In Business And Counting

Can you believe Lacrosse All Stars has already spent ten years in business? Time flies when you’re chasing a dream.

I feel like it was just yesterday when we were on the 12th floor at Avenue C in Stuyvesant Town plotting our first moves. That was 2008 when we pretended it was just a hobby. But then…

2010LAS X Decal 1 (5x5)hit, and Lacrosse All Stars became a legitimate business. Whoa.

We even received a binder with stock certificates to pass out to shareholders once it was an official company.

I was living in Manhattan off of a salary inadequate to meet the needs of even the thriftiest baby-boomer at the time. Connor and I had both just survived the economic collapse by staring it straight in the eye.

It felt totally surreal back then – Starting my own company was not something I expected to do when I grew up.

What I found out very quickly, however, was that starting my own company was actually my life’s purpose.

Growing the game = my cause.

2010 was the year I moved back to where I was born. Idaho. The land of potatoes, cows and privatized freedom no American can deny another one.

Open-carry is a real thing here. So is fly fishing. So is a ten minute commute to the airport with at least a two hour layover anywhere you want to go back East.

Lax All Stars - Ten Years in Business

My lifestyle changed, but my passion didn’t.

2010 was the year I spent half of my time working from bed. As if starting my own business around it wasn’t enough, I was pointed even further toward the game we all love after being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease.

Lacrosse, the Medicine Game, has been my rock throughout the process of managing my disease – an intense arthritic condition I now consider my greatest quality.

“The Medicine Game,” you ask? “The what?”

That’s exactly what our new “LAXAL” symbol is all about.

Lacrosse is changing now. It has changed continuously throughout history. It is an ever-changing game where rules don’t apply unless you make them.

2010 was the year Ryan Powell called me up after winning Gold. He left me voicemail, saying:

Hey Jeff, I love what you’re doing and I want to get involved. I live in Portland, Oregon, and I heard you’re now based in Boise – would you be interested in meeting up?

There’s nothing quite like receiving a random message from a World Champion. Ryan still sits on the board of directors for our company to this day.

2010 was just the beginning of a long, arduous and heartfelt journey I’ve chosen to continue on ever since. It’s a journey I share with my business partner Connor, my wife Zoe, our editor Matt and our global team.

We’ve witnessed lacrosse history year-after-year and reported on the game constantly. We’ve even created history ourselves through storytelling, reporting and live video coverage.

None of our efforts have been easy, but it’s always worth it and that won’t change.

To tribute ten years in business, we teamed up with Ryan Beckman, a longtime LAS reader and world-renowned graphic designer based in the Los Angeles area. He goes by @RyanTheFoe on social media.

Ryan is someone who has inspired me day-in and day-out since the very beginning – as far back as 2010! I had always wanted to get him involved with Lacrosse All Stars, and celebrating our ten years in business felt like the perfect reason.

Ryan’s clients include some of the most influential brands and club teams in the sport of lacrosse. He even designed many of the PLL t-shirts you’ve seen advertised during the league’s inaugural season.

It was an honor to work on a new LAS apparel line with Ryan. His work is of the utmost quality, so having the highest quality threads to match was a must.

We chose Champion garments for not just the quality factor, but also the brand’s heritage and continual homage it pays to sport in general. Check out the new items and consider making a purchase to support Lacrosse All Stars now:

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