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Tewaaraton Watch List: 2019 List Announced

The Tewaaraton Foundation has announced the 2019 Tewaaraton Award men’s and women’s watch lists. The lists include the top players across all three divisions of NCAA lacrosse and highlight the early contenders for the 2019 Tewaaraton Award.

Among the 2019 watch list returnees are 2018 Tewaaraton winner Samantha Apuzzo (Boston College) and 2017 and 2018 Tewaaraton finalist Pat Spencer (Loyola).

“With our 2018 winner Sam Apuzzo back and two-time finalist Pat Spencer also returning, we’re excited to have such talented players on our initial 2019 watch lists,” said Jeff Harvey, chairman of The Tewaaraton Foundation. “There is a lot of lacrosse still to be played, and it’s going to be a fun season watching these elite players compete on the field. The game continues to grow, and our committees have to evaluate more and more players every season.”

The Tewaaraton Award annually honors the top male and female college lacrosse player in the United States. The selection committees are made up of premier collegiate coaches and are appointed annually by The Tewaaraton Foundation.

The 50 men’s and 50 women’s watch list candidates, with school, year and position noted:

Men’s Watch List:

Dox Aitken, Virginia – Jr.,
Midfield Grant Ament, Penn State – Jr., Attack
Gerard Arceri, Penn State – Jr., Face Off
Jared Bernhardt, Maryland – Jr., Attack
Charlie Bertrand, Merrimack – Jr., Attack
Tate Boyce, Providence – Sr., Goalie
Daniel Bucaro, Georgetown – Sr., Attack
Adam Charalambides, Rutgers – Redshirt Sophomore, Attack
Craig Chick, Lehigh – Sr., Defense
Bryan Costabile, Notre Dame – Jr., Midfield
Brendan Curry, Syracuse – Soph., Midfield
Chris Fake, Yale – Soph., Defense
Dylan Gaines, Denver – Sr., Defense
JT Giles-Harris, Duke – Jr., Defense
Brendan Gleason, Notre Dame – Sr., Attack
Zach Goodrich, Towson – Sr., Midfield
Phil Goss, Brown – Jr., Goalie
Chris Gray, Boston University – Soph., Attack
Teddy Hatfield, Richmond – Sr., Attack
Alex Heger, Robert Morris – Sr., Goalie
TD Ierlan, Yale – Jr., Face Off
Connor Kirst, Villanova – Soph., Midfield
Michael Kraus, Virginia – Jr., Attack
Tre Leclaire, Ohio State – Jr., Attack
Kyle Marr, Hopkins – Sr., Attack
Simon Mathias, Penn – Sr., Attack
Nick Mellen, Syracuse – Jr., Defense
Jackson Morrill, Yale – Jr., Attack
Kieran Mullins, Rutgers – Jr., Attack
Tehoka Nanticoke, Albany – Soph., Attack
Asher Nolting, High Point – Soph., Attack
Brent Noseworthy, Michigan – Sr., Midfield
Isaac Paparo, Massachusetts-Amherst – Sr., Defense
Ryland Rees, Stony Brook – Sr., Defense
Jack Rowlett, Carolina – Sr., Defense
Brad Smith, Duke – Sr., Midfield
Michael Sowers, Princeton – Jr., Attack
Patrick Spencer, Loyola – Sr., Attack
Jacob Stover, Loyola – Sr., Goalie
Johnny Surdick, Army West Point – Sr., Defense
Jeff Teat, Cornell – Jr., Attack
Ryan Terefenko, Ohio State – Jr., Midfield
Ryan Tierney, Hofstra – Jr., Attack
Jack Tigh, Yale – Sr., Midfield
Greyson Torain, Navy – Sr., Midfield
Tim Troutner Jr., High Point – Sr., Goalie
Max Tuttle, Sacred Heart – Sr., Midfield
Cade Van Raaphorst, Duke – Sr., Defense
Ethan Walker, Denver – Jr., Attack
Alex Woodall, Towson – Sr., Face Off

Women’s Watch List:

Andie Aldave, Notre Dame – Soph., Midfield
Samantha Apuzzo, Boston College – Sr., Attack
Dempsey Arsenault, Boston College – Sr., Midfield
Erin Barry, Pennsylvania – Jr., Midfield
Zoe Belodeau, Pennsylvania – Soph., Attack
Julia Braig, Maryland – Sr., Defense
Savannah Buchanan, Notre Dame – Jr., Midfield
Madison Carter, Penn State – Sr., Attack
Steph Colson, Gettysburg College – Sr., Midfield
Lizzie Colson, Maryland – Jr., Defense
Olivia Conti, Towson University – Jr., Defense
Molly Dougherty, James Madison – Soph., Goalie
Erica Evans, Maryland – Sr., Midfield
Sam Fish, Princeton – Soph., Goalie
Elizabeth George, Princeton – Sr., Attack
Jen Giles, Maryland – Sr., Midfield
Hanna Haven, James Madison – Sr., Attack
Emily Hawryschuk, Syracuse – Jr., Attack
Haley Hicklen, Florida – Sr., Goalkeeper
Katie Hoeg, North Carolina – Jr., Attack
Hunter Isnardi, Mercy – Sr., Midfield
Maggie Jackson, Virginia – Sr., Midfield
Olivia Jenner, Duke – Sr., Attack
Ally Kennedy, Stony Brook – Jr., Midfield
Makenzie Kent, Boston College – Graduate, Attack
Kelly Larkin, Navy – Jr., Attack
Selena Lasota, Northwestern – Sr., Attack
Nicole Levy, Syracuse – Sr., Attack
Julia Lisella, Colorado – RS Junior, Goalie
Keri McCarthy, Stony Brook – Sr., Midfield
Elizabeth Miller, Boston College – Sr., Defense
Kerrigan Miller, USC – Jr., Midfield
Taylor Moreno, North Carolina – Soph., Goalie
Sammy Mueller, Virginia – Jr., Midfield
Charlotte North, Duke – Soph., Attack
Taryn Ohlmiller, Stony Brook – Jr., Attack
Jamie Ortega, North Carolina – Soph., Attack
Paige Petty, Virginia Tech – Soph., Midfield
Sydney Pirreca, Florida – Sr., Midfield
Hannah Powers, Loyola – Sr., Attack Lindsey
Ronbeck, Florida – Sr., Attack
Livy Rosenzweig, Loyola – Soph., Attack
Gabby Rosenzweig, Pennsylvania – Jr., Attack
Caroline Sdanowich, James Madison – Sr., Defense
Kyla Sears, Princeton – Soph., Attack
Caroline Steele, Maryland – Sr., Attack
Miranda Stinson, Colorado – Sr., Attack
Megan Taylor, Maryland – Sr., Goalie
Cara Trombetta, Florida – Jr., Defense
Taylor VanThof, Loyola – Sr., Midfield

Players not named to the initial lists have several opportunities to play their way into a spot as the season progresses. Watch list additions, if applicable, will be announced on March 21 and April 4. On April 25, the field will be narrowed to 25 men’s and 25 women’s nominees. Nominees can be players on the watch lists or players not on the watch lists, effectively allowing for a third round of additions.

Five men’s and five women’s finalists will be announced on May 9 and invited to the 19th annual Tewaaraton Award Ceremony in Washington, D.C., on May 30.

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About The Tewaaraton Foundation Founded at the University Club of Washington, DC and first presented in 2001, the Tewaaraton Award is recognized as the preeminent lacrosse award, annually honoring the top male and female college lacrosse player in the United States. Endorsed by the Mohawk Nation Council of Elders and U.S. Lacrosse, the Tewaaraton Award symbolizes lacrosse’s centuries-old roots in Native American heritage. The Tewaaraton Foundation ensures the integrity and advances the mission of this award. Each year, the Tewaaraton Award celebrates one of the six tribal nations of the Iroquois Confederacy – the Mohawk, Cayuga, Oneida, Onondaga, Seneca and Tuscarora – and presents two scholarships to students of Native American descent. To learn more about The Tewaaraton Foundation, please visit