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Thanksgiving Lacrosse: Pie Tin Shootout

With Thanksgiving coming in hot tomorrow we put together a Thanksgiving Lacrosse video which celebrates the wonderful world of pie! Or shooting lacrosse balls at empty pie tins. Same thing, right?

While I was hoping for snow, Billy Nguyen, Joelle Taliento, and myself were treated to rain instead. At least it wasn’t too cold out there. Just above freezing. My hands don’t hurt at all! That last part was a lie. They are still number.

Thanksgiving Lacrosse: Pie Tin Shootout

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Thanksgiving definitely needs a tried and true lacrosse tradition, and we are firm believers that the Pie Tin Shootout is about as a good of a tradition as you can have. We’d love to organize a game, but that’s not always possible last minute. A Pie Tin Shootout however? Well, that’s easy enough!

If you have a Thanksgiving ritual that involves lacrosse we want to know about it! Hit us up in the comments with your family’s traditional ritual.

And remember, Thanksgiving is not the only holiday that deserves some lacrosse celebration!

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And Thanksgiving is far from the only time when you can shoot at pie tins! I got down shooting pie tins with Trilogy earlier this year. It’s always a ton of fun and a good test of your accuracy and power!

Lacrosse Vs Cancer – Pie Tins

And there are other ways to do Thanksgiving too!

Hit us up with your great ideas on what the Thanksgiving Lacrosse tradition should be! If you’ve got a video, please share it with us! We’re always looking for bright ideas, and while we like the Thanksgiving Lacrosse Pie Tin Shootout, we know you guys probably have some really good thoughts too!

Have a great Thanksgiving, enjoy the time with friends and family and find a way to get some lacrosse into the mix! I’d tell you what I’m thankful for, but you already know!