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The 2012 Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase: Bigger, Better, Booyah!

The Las Vegas Lacrosse Showcase is coming up on November 9th, 10th and 11th and the event is quickly becoming one of the biggest and best premier-level lacrosse tournaments in the world. The growth and improvement this event has seen over the last two years is amazing, and the sheer variety of teams competing is already staggering.

The headliners for this tournament are the MCLA teams, which use the event as a fall ball experience, and the mens’ elite teams, which comes in droves for the Las Vegas experience. The Best of The West tournament is the MCLA component, and top quality teams like BYU, Cal Poly and Arizona, Stanford, and San Diego State will all be in attendance.

Arizona = Mickey Miles Felton = Awesome Sneaker Boots.

On the men’s elite side, LaxAllStars.com will obviously be there, but so will the Salt Shakerz, Xiphos, and 2011 Champion, Twisted Steel. On top of all that, there is also a Women’s Elite tournament, a U-19 girls tournament and a Boys U-13 tournament. That’s a whole lot of lax!

The games will be played at Kellogg Zaher Sports Complex, which boasts 11 beautiful fields and plenty of amenity. There will be food trucks (and these are NOT your standard food carts!) and a lounge for “adult stuff” set up at the venue as well. Teams can also get fed banquet-style, so it’s really all right there.

Come to Vegas, see the stars!

Easton and Warrior are both sponsoring the event, and Easton’s Matt Gibson and BYU’s Matt Schneck and Julie Smith will put on clinics on Friday night for youth players. John Christmas will be there meeting fans and reaping his Encore Brand. LAS will also be there with a tent, and we’ll have giveaways, pro players to meet and greet and so much more. So stop on by!

Twisted Steel and Xiphos do work in 2011.

The LVLS is also hosting parties at LAX and PURE nightclubs on Friday and Saturday nights, respectively. So there is something for everyone! The LVLS is also supporting Movember this year as a charity, and the best mustaches will be awarded with prizes. Not too shabby!

There are 14 hotels available for reservations, so if you’re going get in touch with the LVLS and they will hook you up!