THe art of lax blog
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The Art of Lax Joins The LAS Network!

Lax All Stars is proud to announce that The Art of Lax is the newest lacrosse blog to join the Network!

The Art of Lax is a one man show run by Vinnie Ricasio.  Vinnie is an excellent goalie, a true New Yorker and he can art it up like nobody’s business!  Oh, and did we mention that he also has a kick ass blog?  Well, he does!  And now it’s joining the LAS Network.  Bringing you the best!

Brooklyn LC ArtOfLax Salt Shakerz Invitational Lacrosse
The Art of Lax LC – SSZ Champs!

We’re particularly pumped to have him on board because Vinnis is a lacrosse guy, through and through. Like you and me. Like Tom and Woody.  Like 412.  Like Rhino.  Like Payu.  Like everyone else we’ve got on board this crazy train.  He knows what he’s talking about, is unfailingly honest and open, and certainly brings a unique perspective to the lacrosse blogosphere.  Vin played lax in NYC before there was lax in NYC.  He’s a pioneer.  A guy who starts and runs teams, and a business, and a guy who gives back and Grows the Game of lacrosse.

If you want your first sniff, before exploring his older, archived posts, check out “The Perfect Storm“.  It’s about building a team, and doing it the right way. It’s thoughtful, and as always, it’s classic.

We know big things are going to continue to come from the Art of Lax, and we’re lucky to have him on board!  We’re growing the game, one blog at a time.  After all, there’s an awful lot of really good lacrosse in the world, and on Vinnie’s paper!  So welcome the Art of Lax to the show!

THe art of lax blog
The Art of Lax on the LAS Network!

Check out the new Art of Lax lacrosse blog today, and stay tuned for tons of great content from his art pad and beyond!