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The Best Concussion Article Yet…

Concussions are a huge deal in the world of sport right now, and while the issue has been slowly gaining traction for years, it seems to have reached a point where people are more open and honest than they have ever been before.

Brodie Merrill, living lacrosse legend, recently wrote an article on, and he gets into a lot of really interesting concepts in his post. It’s well worth a read, and some deep consideration:

I had a tough time deciding whether or not to write about this issue, considering the timing. When you have a concussion as an athlete in a contact sport, you are supposed to conceal it for fear that you could be targeted. I guess if a player wants to target my head, it is at his discretion, but I think it is an important topic and players need to start talking openly about it…

For more, check out the full article on